Wednesday, February 29, 2012

German beech birthday calendar board

 Happy Brithday to you! In 365, every character number represents one day in important dates. Do you have this experience before? You forget your mom/dad/grandmom's birthday! The worst is that you forget yours! With this beech birthday calendar board, you can keep your mind by insert a small roll to the hole. It just like a clock or note that you will never forget something really important for you! Buy it here($ 269.03).

Giraffe table lamp

A giraffe stand out the lamp. This table lamp features giraffe shape can place in living room. It is really stunning that you bring a giraffe home without going to zoo. The design ideal of this giraffe lamp is able to save place. The formal height is 520mm and the width is 300mm. Buy it here($ 28.65).

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Liu Jiantao Spoon shovel

Make your kitchen colorful!! Look at these spoon shovel, it features colorful handle with custom shape.  Features Solid Spoon, Slotted Spoon, Flexible Turner, Slotted Turner, Ladle and Spaghetti Server inside the set, it can be used with all supporting the use of non-stick pans. With good mood, you can cook delicious food and make your family happy! Buy it here($ 152.90).

Iphone Stylus Pen

This pen is not used for write something down. It can be used as touch pen which will good for text message, playing games. This is a good creative that playing Iphone can be cool and funny! Buy it here($ 4.84).

Monday, February 27, 2012

How to find Taobao products at

Recently, Smalltao received some feedback from our customers about how to find Taobao products in our site. Many customers comment that they had found item link from, but they still can't find anything on Today, Xin Lin would like to introduce you how to find Taobao products at

Follow steps below to perform a search:
* Go to
* In the search box at the top center of the screen, type in a product name (such as Laser Pointer) and hit the enter key.
* Items matching your search words will display.
* To narrow your search further, select a listing under “Categories” “Price” “Color” or “Other” and hit the enter key.

You can also try following 4 methods to search products you needed:

1.Searching by Key words
For example, you would like to buy the women fur coat. If you would like to search this item, you should input women fur coat in the top search bar and search for it. In this circumstance, the system would automatically show you all the women fur coat with different size, color, styles and so on.

2. Searching by products category
A.You can search products just by clicking the products catalogue on the left.
B.Meanwhile, your search can be more precise. For example, you can specify your search by style,
product type, size type. You just need to choose the style, product type, size type on the

3. Searching by a particular product
If available, you have already known what kind of product you need and which category it belongs to.
(usually belongs to a specified title bar). What you need to do is inputting the name of your products and then clicking the button of “search”.

4. Searching Products or sellers by URL/website link
If you can not find some products or you want to buy some products from a taobao seller, you can use google browser to go to to find the items you needed,
Then copy related taobao product URL link and paste it at home page search box, click "search", you can find it !

Searching taobao products:

Step 1: use google browser to go to and search the item you needed in the blank box, then click "search"
Step 2 : find the item and copy above product URL:
Step 3: paste taobao product URL in our Search box:

Then you will find taobao products at Just following these steps and you will place a success order in our site. If you still don't know how to handle it. Leave a comment below and we will give you a response as soon as we can!

Get a set of romantic table lamp

 What do you think of it? In fact, this is a table lamp, features concave space is able to storage home accessory and debris. With cute appreal, when it turns on, the light will changes with the color of this lamp. This is really creative if you bought one in your living room. Buy it here($ 5.77).

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Creative nose soap dispenser

It is really disgusting at the first glance. However, what do you think if you wash your hand, tower with this imitate nose soap dispenser, the feelling is really cool!! Push your nose and the hand sanitizer out of it. This is really amazing!! Do you want to have a try? Even take a shower can be funny!! Buy it here($ 6.97).

Buy an apple sticky for you!

If you think it is an apple, then you are wrong!! Actually, it is not a real apple. When you want to write something down, you need to use this sticky. It is really cool like eating apple!! Prepare to write something funny? Buy it here($ 2.31).

Cartoon cute kitty metal stick hook

Do you love your baby cat? This is a really cute cartoon kitty hook for you. Imagine that everyday you can put your favourite clothing, pants as well as small stuff on it. This stick hook is full viscous. You can hang your jacket, cup, bag as well as tower on it. It can be customized after you bought it. Buy it here($ 2.59).

Friday, February 24, 2012

Creative Iphone headset

What do you think of it? Do you think it is really funny that you can make a headset from your iphone. It will be really funny if you can make some creative changes to your Iphone 4S. Buy it here($ 23.23).

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Seasoning bottle cap

Do you like panda cup? This cup is not for drinking water. It is a spice jar. This panda is really cute and you can custom the sugar, salt as well as chili into this cute spice jar. Buy it here($ 32.52).

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Radiation protection Mopan LED lights

Paper can change color? Yes, it's ture. When you put your Iphone on this light paper, it can change colors when you put above two fingers on it. This light can turn to different colors for different sensitivity. What color will it turn out when you put your finger on? Buy it here($ 12.00).

Crystal Skull Cup

Do you like this skull cup? This is a creative idea when your cup is unique in your office. It can be really cool when you imagine you drink from human head. Do you want to have a try? Buy it here($ 7.74).

Monday, February 20, 2012

Cute ice cream flash drive

What's this? This is not a real ice cream. Actually, it is a chocolate flash drive in ice cream pattern. Do you think it is cute? Yes, just like you are eating ice cream. When you open the lid, it can be used as flash drive. This is really creative designer that make your mood happy. Buy it here($ 22.26).

China brand watch cell phone

Do you know what's this? It is not a normal watch. Actually, it is a cell phone. This cell phone can be used as watch. When you want to call someone, just slide it and it will turn to cell phone menu. It is really cool when you use it. Buy it here($ 85.16).

Friday, February 17, 2012

Daily necessities Humidifier

What do you think of it? Is that a regular cup? Actually, it is a humidifier. This pattern features of mark cup pattern, which can save place in your desk. It can keep heat as the usb port contact your computer. The main ideal is to supply water to your face and dry eye. This is really helpful for office lady! Buy it here($ 13.16).

Creative aesthetic glass flower vase

This glass flower vase is really creative! Can you imagine a vase can hang in the sky with only a string? Yes, it is ture when you are planting flowers inside and the special hole design will bring flesh air for this beautiful designer! Buy it here($ 5.42).

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Colorful Iphone Keyboard protectors

Are you feel bored of black keyboard? Do you want to DIY your keyboard? Yes, of course you can. This macbook keyboard protectors with vivid pattern can be used both in Iphone and Ipad. As different colors in different areas, even type the words, you can be happier whole day! Want to have a try? Buy it here($ 14.52).

Creative wall clocks change your lifestyle

Is that a pan that fried eggs? Nope. In fact, it is a wall clock. This creative clock features the bottom of egg, the clockwise and minute are made of knife and fork. It is really funny when the clock start working, you can see fork and kinfe move on and change their place. Buy it here($ 8.48).

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Creative designer Natural garnet silver ring

Do you like the stone ring? It is really like a magic stone, Wherever you go, you can get second catch in the street. It is rally stunning when you wear it on! Buy it here($ 350.32).

Win a beautiful umbrella holder

Villa high-grade iron bow umbrella holders is the most creative rocks for your home. The large bow features as beautiful vase that save your place. Look at this holder, it is really special if you hold one in front of your house. Buy it here($ 32.52).