Saturday, March 31, 2012

Half plate

This is not a regular plate. It is a half pattern plate that you can take part of dishes and seasoning apart. This is realy a smart design if you use it in your house. Size: 22.5*11*3.8cm. Buy it here($ 4.84).

Friday, March 30, 2012

Piggy bank can

Is it cute? This piggy bank can will save your money by its big stomach. It is really cute if you want to put it in your living room. Buy it here($ 6.19).

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Baby fishtail skirt

Your baby can be a fairy tale characters when she wear a skirt like it. It is a mermaid pattern when your baby wear like that. A sleepy mermaid not a little princess, like a wave swimming in the water. It is really creative idea and you should have a try! Buy it here($ 28.65)

Rock guitar T-shirt

Every music enthusiast should have this one. This is not a T-shirt, it is a T-shir that you can play Guitar while singing a song. You can attempt concert when you wearing this T-shirt, it is really cool that you press one of the button in this stylish T-shirt. Why not have a try? Buy it here($ 57.87).

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mini の book vintage necklace

Guess what's this? It is not a mini book. Actually it is a vintage necklace which you can used as daily book. You can write your mood, thought all inside this book. When you are boring, it is really precious by reading your memory!! 40 Pages memory left, every girl need to have one! Buy it here($ 13.32).

Earth art umbrella

This earth art umbrella is really beautiful, unlike regular umbrella, it is really unique and vivid. You don't need to visit other countries, then you can find every famous place overseas. It will never fade during rain. Buy it here($ 15.29).

Monday, March 26, 2012

Iphone touched gloves

 This glove is really beautiful when you play with your Iphone, it can be easy touched without feel uncomfortable. Made of real sheepskin, it can keep warm on frozen winter. It can be used for Iphone/Ipad/HTC and other tablet pc. Buy it here($ 32.71)

Wings canvas shoes

Do you like canvas shoes? Do you like this flying wing shoes? This is really creative idea when your kids dream of flying in the sky. You can feel flying when you are running or walking. This is really cool! It can be worn on Spring and Autumn. Buy it here($ 19.67).

IPad sweater protector

What's this? Is it a sweater? The answer is no. It is a new creative Ipad sweater protective. It is made of cotton can be easy used and wash. It can keep your ipad warm and clean, with waterproof design, your ipad can be protect well. Buy it here($ 40.06).

Friday, March 23, 2012

Changing Faces watch

This watch can change faces when it moves. It will change colors every 2 hours. As clockwise moves, they will change to 1/2 colors or 1/4 colors. It will be really cool if you wear it! Buy it here($ 267.48)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wrought iron chandelier

This is a wrought iron chandelier with fish pattern. Can you imagine a chandelier that like fish swim in the water? Only need 10-15 Energy-saving lamps then you can enjoy your time on living room! Buy it here($ 6969.68).

Children's Rabbit ear chairs

It is a children's chair, it is made of rabbit ears pattern. With wood design, it can be beautiful and elegant. Why not take a seat? Buy it here($ 141.29)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Children / Youth liner lazy couch

This baby is sleeping, he is so cute and the bad is really comfortable for him. However, it is not a bed, instead, it is a lazy couch!! Your baby's home and he will enjoy time sleeping here. Do you want to have a try? Buy it here($ 32.71)

Apple iphone4 bed

Will you sleep there? This iphone bed is for single who are favored to play Iphone all day long. With this creative Iphone bed, you can click the button and listen music, waching movies, playing games during your dream! Color Classification: 45 × 70cm pillows, two-piece, 1 × 2 m sheets. It is really fun if you sleep here. Buy it here($ 48.00).

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pink pets bed

Is it cute when your dog get up in this pink pet house? Each morning she just got up and say hello to you, just like what your kids doing? It will never be late if you get your pet a warm house to settle down! If you are animal lovers, you should do have one! Buy it here($ 46.45).

Monday, March 19, 2012

LED long-handled umbrella

Is that an umbrella? In fact, it is an umbrella that can light in the night. When you open this umbrella, it can issue different colors of light that lead your way home! Do you like it? Buy it here($ 9.68).

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Billiards Snooker wall clock

A clock can be creative if you look at this one. Not only for the snooker enthusiast, it is also an art for all of these who want to change their lifestyle. Just like you are playing snooker at home. Buy it here($ 28.06).

Friday, March 16, 2012

Smalltao feedback about order Taobao products

Recently, Xin Lin has received many questions about our online customers. So I collect all the possible answers to help all of you find the best way to purchase something from our site. Please feel free to leave us a message if you have any questions.

Question 1 What should I do if I can't find some useful information on item description?

Best Answer: Our data is based on If the manufacturers doesn't write useful description on this item, you can call us on Live Chat or send mail to Our customer service will talk to the manufacturer later and give you a satisfactory response as soon as we can.

Question 2 Can I pay with Euro? How can I know the currency between local currency and USD dollars?

Best Answer: Our wesbite default currency is USD dollars. Euro payment can be accepted by Paypal. You can transfer money to your local  currency at

Question 3 How to know the size? Are they chinese or European sizes on the site?

Best Answer:  As our data is based on Taobao, they are Chinese sizes on the site. You'd better transfer to European sizes by the size guide( All the clothing size, pants size, underwear size, shoes size, baby clothing size and baby shoes size can be found corresponding form on this guide list.

Question 4 Do you have any guarantee about my order?

Best Answer: Smalltao is reliable Taobao agent. We guarantee all the interest of our customers. We promise that all the products will sent out based on your shipping address, you can estimate your goods for 15-35 days! For exchange size or return item, you can read our return policy( or contact us(

Question 5 What to do if you think shipping cost is over budget?

Best Answer: Our goal is to save your money! You can estimate the shipping cost before you complete the order. If you think the shipping service is not the one you used before. You can advice us your shipping service(DHL, Fedex, Middle East Express), then we will calculate the total price for you!

Question 6 How to find a good taobao seller to promise the good product quality ?

Best Answer: When you choose your favorite products, please note some parameters of the supplier, which would help you buy products much more suitable and satisfied.

* The level of the seller(it should be crown shape level, diamond shape level or other shape levels will be lower than crown shape level).

Besides, will also put special logos "Assurance A+ Plus" which are best sellers as follows:
* Positive feedback from customers.
* High reputation of the seller.
  Step 1:
Step 2:
You will be taken into product detailed page and found related seller information:
If you have more questions, you can leave your comment here or ask our online support. 

Photo frame

This photo frame is really cool. It can fold with the angle of your wall. From each sight of your house, you can see your smile face and the happy family together. Buy it here($ 115.74).

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Win a set of Iphone protector

It is really a cool idea because it is not just an Iphone protector, it just like an adjust camera lens. This Iphone protector features 9 special effect lens, which is easy to use. Each lens has different function:
1.Dual Image Lens- Makes 2 identical images in one frame.
2.Triple Image Lens- Makes 3 identical images in one frame.
3.Quadruple Image Lens- Makes - wait for it - 4 identical images in one frame.
4.Macro Lens- Get close-up on your subject for amazing detail.
5.Red Filter with Clear Heart Shape Center- Red color filter with a clear, heart-shaped center.
6.Red Filter- For a rose-colored look.
7.Green Filter- Give your photos a green tinge.
8.Yellow Filter with Clear Center- A yellow color filter with a clear circle at the center.
9.Blue Filter with Clear Center- A blue color filter with a clear circle at the center.
10.Holga Hole- A soft lo-fi vignette around your image.
Note: It can be only worked for Iphone 4/4S only. Don't be hesitate! Buy it here($20.90).

Butterfly candle holder

I'm not sure what it is really function. It can be used as candle holder if you light candle inside when you are doing Yoga or dating with your lover. It can be used as ashtray. The butterfly pattern can settle cigarette which will be more useful! How could you forget it? Buy it here($ 9.29).

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Western mainstream quality kitchen tools

Do you like this kitchen tools? It is really beautiful and stylish when you settle it in your kitchen. With the different styles of kitchen tools, even cooking can be funny!! Why not take it home? Buy it here($ 54.00).

Fashion minimalist table lamp

This table lamp is very fashionable. This can be very funny, like reading can be funny! It can adjust height if you strew it. It can be used in your living room and bedroom! Buy it here($ 117.87).