Thursday, May 31, 2012

Adult sofa bed

This sofa bed is comfortable by its egg ideal design. It looks like aviation bunker for flying to the universe. Made of India imports rattan, it is large enough for sleep. Features Linen cushion, it is high hardness, corrosion-resistant. Size: 160*179, it is 49kg weight. You can relax yourself here. Why not have a try?  Buy it here($ 1036.65).

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cushion the fish tank

It is a creative original design, it can put everywhere! Just like seesaw that you can see your fish swimming in the tank. This is really cool!! Buy it here($ 505.16).

Water bottle wind chimes

It is really creative by its design ideal. Features colorful water bottles, it can be choosed as wind chimes when hanging in the bedroom. Print in each bottle, the small bee and butterfly can be winged when the wind coming. It is really great when you hear it works. Buy it here($ 9.29).

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wedding decorated colored beads

It is really beautiful when this colored beads using on your wedding. It is decorated as candlestick accessories, which will make the atmosphere more warm. Features color for purple, pink, white, blue, orange, it will be so stunning when you use it in your wedding. Size: 1.3m. Buy it here($ 3.10)

Guitar ice cube

It is not a real guitar, actually it is an ice cube istead. This ice cube is made of guitar pattern and it is for ice the water, coffee and even orange juice. Get a cool summer by droping one of these groovy guitars into your drink, and give it a stir. Size: 6.75inch* 8.25 inch. Do you think it is cool? Buy it here($ 20.90).

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Breast soap dispenser

Is that a real breast? No, actually it is a breast soap dispenser. It is imitate the real breast and made of plastic. This dispenser can be used for playing while bath, it can be extruding by hands not mouth. Be careful for excessive squeeze. Buy it here($ 18.26)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Float magazine rack

This magazine rack is really amazing. It is easy to collect all your magazine and save your place. Features chrome & powder coated steel, it is able to holds up to 12 mags. Put beside sofa, bedroom, it is easy to carry with decorated size: 510 x 366 x 170 mm. Made in Taiwan. Buy it here($ 96.39).

Color changed basin mixer

It is really stunning that when you wash your hands. It is changed colors. Features blue, green and red color available, it Advanced plating process, after multiple copper, nickel and chromium plating, plating layer with a good, detailed, color uniformity, excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring that products are beautiful, lasting and constant new luster on the surface. Suitable for hard water, it can be stand for more than 500,000 switch to operate smoothly. Weight:20-20kg. Buy it here($ 28.65).

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Egg sofa

Guess what's that? Is it a nest? Actually, it is an egg pattern sofa which created by tattan. Features together six parts, design size 570Wx570Dx1100H(mm). It is really creative and comfortable when you lie on it. Buy it here($ 582.39)

Asakuchi wedding shoes

What's your plan for your wedding? This wedding shoes is mix with modern and trandition. With classic lace design, it can be waterproof by 4 inch heels design. Features PU material, it has white, pink, black colors available. Buy it here($ 17.92)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nordic chandelier

This chandelier is really stylish by its multi-design, with five bulbs decorate in one chandelier, it still use the same voltage 220V. Features of iron, the meature size is 350mm*1000mm. Buy it here($ 59.61).

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Feather earrings

Feather earrings is a design of God creature. It is used of feather that length 20cm chain to decorate inside. Used articulate to modify ear contour, it will show your style in dresses, pants and other accessories. Buy it here($ 8.71).

Friday, May 18, 2012

Four Seasons Star Projector lamp

It is really cool. With stars flying in the room, it will be really stunning when you use this projector lamp. It is really creative by its DIY, you can use battery to make the lamp light up. This is really beautiful that you can see the stars without leaving your room. Buy it here($ 5.03).

Fluff armchair sofa

This sofa chair is really comfortable for its plush design. This chair is really elegant and warm, this is really fashion if you put it in your living room. With white design, it is a chair made for queen. Do you want to take a seat? Buy it here($ 245.52).

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tree wall murals

This is an artwork. This tree wall murals is really beautiful with its vivid decoration. With bulb in this wall murals, it can light up and stunning in the dark night. Size 63*42*7cm, it can be hang on the living room. Buy it here($ 34.94).

Ice steel chandelier

This chandelier is special and unique. It is an ice pattern which made of stainless steel. With tungsten halogen lamp, it will save energy by 16-20w light source power. As it is used for restaurants, libraries and other places, this will be an art you can admire. Buy it here($ 8.42).

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tai Chi speakers

Wow, Chinese elements integration into modern technology! This speaker is mae in China and the design idea comes from Tai Chi. In fact, it is half simple speakers with two colors white-black. It can be used together and apart. Weight:560g. Buy it here($ 20.32).

Smalltao tell you how to spot high quality products

First of all, thank you for all customers support! We are happy that more and more customers invite their friends to

As taobao agent, we get feedback from customers about products quality. Xin Lin classify to following situation:
1. Don't know if the products is fake or original.
2. Can not translate taobao pictures about size chart.

No.1 Don't know if the products is fake or original.

Answer: Read the feedback from real customers on
For example: If you want to buy Chiffon shirt short sleeves, but don't know the quality is good or not. Click the link on the seller details:
Then you will see the link from You can use Google translate to transfer Chinese. It is really simple and you can read the description below. If the dress is original, they will told you the detail information about size chart, materials, weight and etc.

Above the description, you will find 6 menu. The first one is description, the second one is review and the third one is Monthly Transactions. Click the second option: Review. This review is made by real customers, the difference is this is writen in Chinese, you have to translate into English or other language. From this option, you can find many useful information, i.e. the quality, size fitness, seller service, original or fake. If you purchase for electronic accessories, you can read about capacity, write speed, function and etc.

No.2 Can not translate taobao pictures about size chart

Answer: Please make sure that the size chart of clothes on is based on Chinese size. You'd better use the size chart( to transfer US/UK size.

You'd better learn some Chinese before reading the description. I would like to teach you some useful Chinese characters:
(1) Size = 尺寸 (Chi Cun)
(2) Short sleeves = 短袖 (Duan Xiu)
(3) Long sleeves = 长袖 (Chang Xiu)
(4) Bust = 胸围 (Xiong Wei)
(5) Shoulder = 肩宽 (Jian Kuan)
(6) Length = 衣长 (Yi Chang)
(7) Waist = 腰围 (Yao Wei)
Chinese size usually starts from S to XXL. It is not the same size as US/UK size, you'd better measure the size yourself and buy it from us.

Do you think it is useful? If you want to know more, let us know and we will make lessons for you!

Sexy fish high heels

This fish high heels is sexy, it is really creative when you are wearing dresses, skirts. Features distinctive hollow design, it can be cool in summer. For 5-8cm high heels, unique wool design, you can wear as walking in the plant. Buy it here($ 16.94).

Page flip lamp

What's this? It is a page file lamp that you can put in your living room, reading and writing something. It is an inner page lamp that embedded in calendar. Each page is different, when you open the page, you will find the lamp turns to different scenery. It is really fun that you can see different artwork everyday! Made in Korea, weight: 450g. Buy it here($ 8.71).

Monday, May 14, 2012

Flower glass vase

It is really beautiful when you use it to plant your favourite flower. This vase is large enough, features size 21cm*24cm, weight between 1.6kg to 5kg. It can be used as vase, fish tank as well as other accessories, why not carry it home? Buy it here($ 60.10).

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pet nest

Do you like this pet nest? It is the most comfortable bed for your pet. It is really funny if she turn around. With fur blanket, it will be really comfortable for your pet. The concer of the table is designed non-slip pad. It will stand longer if your pet have fun with it. Buy it here($ 128.23)

Shell package

This shell package is really stunning. The creative idea come from a shell lied in the ocean. It is really stunning with the diamond mosaic. Accepted in party and wedding, it can match with party dress and wedding dress. Size 15cm*6.5cm*12cm, it is easy carry. Buy it here($ 118.16)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Laptop Cases

This is creative Laptop cases. It is easy carry and can be used when you are hanging out to office and other places. Made of washed canvas and cotton leather, the unique portable is not easy fall of. Size 27cm*38cm, you can carry iphone, apple laptop, ipad to everywhere. Buy it here($ 15.58).

Kitchen hanging rack supplies

This kitchen hanging rack supplies is really useful. It can save a lot of places and easy to clean the table. Features U-shaped/ABS chopstick, Beautiful glove station, Incorporating cloth rod as well as front/back hook, it can storage Chopping block, shovel as well as other stuffs. Standard size: 600mm*120mm*110mm, it can bare 25-30kg. The total weight is 1145g. Buy it here($ 27.58).

Monday, May 7, 2012

Butterfly wings bracelet

This wings bracelet is really beautiful by its cool design. Like a blind wings with dangerous feeling, it can be matches with dresses, shirt, skirts and etc. With buckle, you can DIY your bracelet to different shapes. It is really beautiful! Buy it here($ 7.24).