Friday, June 29, 2012

Fingerprint identification Piggy bank

Guess what's this? It's not a Fingerprint reader, instead, it is a fingerprint identification piggy bank. With security design, it will save your money. Used battery, you can freely install password on the above of the bank(when you put your finger on the button and the light turns blue). As the sound start, you can press the button, both the light and sound will closed. Then you can open your piggy bank, save your money there. Share if you think it is funny! Buy it here($ 13.55).

Thursday, June 28, 2012

European modern classical special rocking chair

Want to be a princess? Yes, you can! With this grogerous chair, you can lay and read your favourite books! Feature size: 100*100*200cm. Taking this classical chair home, it is really feel relax for whole day!! Buy it here($ 176.13).

Clip USB Flash disk

Is it special? This is not a clip, actually,it is an USB Flash disk. With simulate clip shape, it is really funny when you put it on your computer. If not used as USB, maybe you can use it as regular clip, suit for paper, clothing and so on. Capacity:8G and above. Buy it here($ 10.06).

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hydroponic vases

This is the most beautiful scenery you will see. It is a hydroponic vases uses unregular glasses design. Features save more room and keep plant alive, unique design breathable holes will make the vases more vivid and stylish. It can be full of water as well as soil to make the plant look beuatiful. Buy it here($ 4.84).

Iphone4S waterproof bag

What's this? It's Iphone 4S waterproof bag. Made of TPU, it is better waterproof your Iphone 4S damaged from water, sand, dust and so on. Dimensions: 16.5cm*10.8cm, the weight is only 65g. Buy it here($ 6.99).

Monday, June 25, 2012

Recent Top Sellers at

This post is about recent top sellers at Thanks for all support! As a feedback for all customers, we statistic recent top sellers in our website.

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Top 9 Victoria's Secret bikini(

Top 10 Women Korean Ladies Bra blouses (

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Banana Iphone shell

This Iphone shell is cute and it is made of banana pattern. It uses silicone as the main materials. Suit for Iphone 4, this will be the most cute shell you made and it looks like real banana. Do you want it? Buy it here($ 5.01).

Fish head high heels

This fish head shoes is stunning by its diamond design. Features beads and 5-8cm high, it will be the most beautiful high heels you can wear to party and work. Buy it here($ 20.90).

Monday, June 18, 2012

Guess - Get a free gift

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pink ceramic jewelry box

This pink jewelry box is so beautiful and you can pick up your jewelry collect in this beautiful box. Features different colors of these 9 boxes, it can be collected with jewelry, cards and etc. Design with first-class china and wood cloest, the standard size is 25cm×9.9cm×25.3cm. You can put it in your room or living room. Buy it here($ 36.48). 

tricky toys vent

What will you do if you feel angry, upset? Don't use the old method like shopping or eating. That's not the best idea. With this tricky toys vent, you can custom them by vent their emotions:happy, sad, cry or something else. Do you feel better? Buy it here($ 7.55).

Stick earrings

This is really special if you wear it on the street. With sliver and red flower mixed in this stick earrings, the feeling mixed with retro and modern art. Will make you feel sexy and hot. Buy it here($ 38.42).

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Orecchiette PE rattan woven nest

A home for your baby cat or dog, love time for cute baby. It is really lovely and comfortable if your pet stay inside. He will be happy if you make his home beautiful!! Buy it here($ 156.39).

Five finger sofa

This sofa is not as usual type, it is one type like real figners. It is made by US designer and for child only. You can lay on this sofa and play with this finger character. Features sponge and wood, it is solid wherever you put it on. Size: 60*50*44cm, it is the best pattern you need to consider for your children. Buy it here($ 40.45).

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Giraffe Desktop

This is not live giraffe. It is elk stands that make as desktop. Features wood and Spray painting, it is a creative design that needed you build up. It is really creative if you put it in your room. Buy it here($ 276.77).

CD mouse pad

What's that? Is that a CD disc? No, actually it is a CD mouse pad that used for mouse setting. It can be whirl by 30 PC matte film, feature size: 220mm*220mm. You can put your fingers on it and just whirl it, you will feel like a DJ and play your music. Buy it here($ 9.29).

Lace wedding shoes

This shoe is beatuiful. With flower lace and diamond printed on this high heels, it will be more fantastic when you wear it on your wedding. Features 5-8cm high heels, you can be the most elegant and beautiful bride. Buy it here($ 14.52).

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Baby Wool Hat

Wow, is that the Wizard from forest? It is really cute when your baby wear this wool hat. Also this is really cute when he play with his hat. It can keep baby warm in winter! Buy it here($ 17.23).

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Flower Blankets

This flower blanket is made in United States. It is a creative ideal becuase of printed flowers. Create a retro atmosphere for living at palace. Size: 172X218 cm. Buy it here($ 572.90).

Silk wedding dress

Dreamed of being the most beautiful bride in your wedding? You should try this one. This silk wedding dress is made of real silk. Features printed large flowers, France lace and manual drilling, it looks elegant and beautiful. With one sleeveless design, it prefect modify body figure and outstanding lace design will show your unique. Buy it here($ 388.84).