Tuesday, January 22, 2013

8 new year eye makeup

8 new year eye makeup

[Lead] even if you usually really like vegetarian beauty mirror, on new year's day, however you have to dress well, up to show you how to draw an enchanting man charming eye, strong push 8 new year eye makeup tutorial, you moving encounters hot One for you.

This is pretty fun and 8 new year eye makeup.
This eye-drawing art of soft, sleek, radians are also cute girls look like painted, but eye shadow is very charming.
This relatively simple and also very simple, not complicated, it's simple to build, is a nude makeup series.
This color is a bright spot, with a flagship of taobao black lines on different, this bias in favour of Brown eyes , with skin more fit.
This single eyelids, MM, it's easy to create a cat's eye, elongated eyes and rounded big eyes is very charming.
Beautiful eyes is the highlight of this eye makeup, very enchanting, very human soul, black and cherry mix of blue Oh, makes me feel.
Princess pink wind, long false eyelashes and large pink eyeshadow, very cute, very sweet pretty.This has primarily focused on painting the eyes, the eyes have stretched the width and the length of, is soft and delicate and touching.
Tide women like this, very simple, with the eyeliner painting a hook line can be, with a feeling of false eyelashes are tide MM.


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