Friday, November 30, 2012

Women fashion Graffiti style

Women fashion Graffiti style

In the era of the prevalence of graffiti art, graffiti style become the representative of a new generation of street culture wearing, the advantages of the new generation is that they can always be faster and easier way to accept fresh style

Temperament bursting with stretch cotton trousers to play the graffiti element blitz this year to the the ultimate classic JunLu and black, plus segments street sense printing handsome. Lightweight breathable high-grade cotton blended fabrics, plus representatives dimensional cut, unique stitching, super soft close, casual pants unconventional! Leisure, Slim was thin, stylish! Can be used with any style coat this season, how could the temptation to do less graffiti! The Taobao Shopping Service Web site can search.

Taobao agent the most popular this year, a candy-colored snow boots!
In the cold winter is never outdated snow boots! Only need a pair of snow boots will be able to spend the cold winter! Quality breathable leather as the upper material of snow boots, wearing feet breathe freely and populate the a fullness quality of fake fur liner, soft, skin-friendly, increase warm efficacy, to make the wearer feel warm and comfortable, tightness in the design has remained the best way to pressure distribution throughout the insole, whether walking or standing can stimulate the muscles balance activities

Eight colors for you to choose, beige, burgundy, black, pink, light tan, green, gray, brown, a color for you, waiting for what? Action!

Fashion women winter apparel and accessories

Fashion women winter apparel and accessories

Slim and jacket can best be seen a woman's dress sense, Taobao very new woolen coat this winter, this woolen jacket feel comfortable, rigorous design style and generous, free and easy and yet connotations, intellectual revealedlittle sexy, hem little locomotive fight skin design good embellishment sense of the weight of the clothes, clothing material is the little particles containing 50% wool, capable and handsome black models, without too many bells and whistles, the most classicmost simple long section best reverie, which can be simple cashmere dress with a long paragraph, it is both noble and fashion, but also can be used with a white shirt or sweater, stovepipe jeans and nude-colored boots. More handsome and intellectual

Taobao sales this year, the most popular of a sweater!Version of this sweater style is the most popular this year retro, beautiful retro green, low-key, simple wool knit, thick warm enough to survive this winter, round neck design with a the bat loose version of type, temperament and beautiful, the material is very soft wool, mohair + acrylic wool knit, mohair is the senior market one of the textile fibers, very comfortable, this sweater inside the ride shirt or bottoming shirt, whether fat or thin, you can wearfresh green trace of vitality and warmth to your winter

Note: mohair garments should not use the washing machine, fast file stir washing must use should mohair garments into the laundry bag and opened slow file rinsing. The mohair non ironing.Use when you do not wear a hanger in the wardrobe, avoid the weight

Fashion women scarves and gloves

Fashion women scarves and gloves

The cool striped wind struck! !

Classic flag pattern, vibrant and a little punk style to a variety of colors are not bright, but a bit simple taste ~

Wide version of the scarf more warm, with big V-neck jacket most flavor. This scarf is the highlight of the four corners on the stars, are hand-stitched whole scarf splicing is the most difficult to place, in order to achieve the best results, printing and dyeing can not do, we can only use the most primitive way hand-stitched together, perfect results finally realized, when we see this scarf, I feel all of us to pay are worth

Whether you like the cute little personality fashion some, I believe this is wild, hope it brings you warm at the same time can enjoy happy

Super cute bear paw gloves, imitating animals bear's paw and designed gloves can do warm gloves, can also be used as a cushion, fine workmanship, fashionable and chic, soft and comfortable.

Gloves inside thick cotton lining, and warm and comfortable, and its shape is very cute usually do at home as decorative

Workmanship is excellent, a lovely fashion gloves, what are you waiting for?

Beautiful women's jacket at taobao agent

Beautiful women's jacket at taobao agent

The beauty of a jacket, the invincible super gorgeous main section! ! ! !

Angel gave us the gift! Filled with fairy-tale romantic! Red fabric is very noble and rare! Autumn and winter are the festive holiday, red is not only to increase the atmosphere to bring good luck and allow the color of the ladies are better! The simple navy has been carefully built the show alone belongs girls lightweight Mary temperament, outlines the most charming gentle appearance.
Super soft custom of thicker plush with fine wool fabrics, super warm improve the waistline and slightly flared hem design, people look sweet and cute at the same time, the proportion of the human body more perfect beauty! It is worth mentioning that the clothes inside the velvet, super comfortable and skin-friendly

There are now the Christmas atmosphere chaomeng red and the College Wind dark blue two colors for the election oh

A suit of this period is absolutely not to be missed,custom high-end fabrics, soft, wrinkle resistant, will not deform lined polyester, smooth, wear-resistant, breathable good overall material costs a lot of money, high-end material! The version type impeccable, small waist design.

Very significant figure, if not buttoned buckle up can be seen waist effect. Very significantly thin! Single-button design is very stylish atmosphere to hit the color gray and black design is full of grade! With more easily modernist. To break the the obsolete office black and white with the principles of, plus the modern profession gray it pattern style, stretch gray tone soft sheen reflects perfectly mature feminine, stylish and not boring, coupled with the bunt simple design enhances the sweet sense. Lined stripes design. Roll up their sleeves and not the same style, very wild. Heavyweight recommended to

Warm coat to spend a warm winter

Warm coat to spend a warm winter 

Looking at this warm coat.
Not only feeling warm when wear, but also let people around watching you have this warm feeling~
Especially the thin little girl who wore it don’t worry about getting cold.
There is plus velvet style.
It is good to wear when at home or go out, and do not care hairstyle!
And it is a set of design, do not have to worry about matching problem!
Quality nice,remmended!

The upper body is very lovely--military sense, short jacket waist type design is more handsome.

Taobao agent latest women coats

Taobao agent latest women coats

Many love embroidery are on the cost, and wave liningIs inside. It is fashion to match sweater or hoodie. You would never feel cold when adding a scarf. 

It is highly recommended! ! ! Kind blasting in the United States, long tassel design can you’re your face modified and significant. Perfect gift to your wife or girlfriend!

Cute design and warm material make your ears never cold!

taobao agant latest fashion jewelery

taobao agant latest fashion jewelery

Very cute furry bow, it is winter essential hair accessories, give us warm feeling in cold winter.
There are so many colors to choose, pretty bean pink, wild gray blue, little lamb white, and bright red .So many fluffy little lamb cute headdress in taobao, which color do you like?

Do you want to date him in perfect predicament? Do you want him fascinated by you?
This package will be the perfect choice for you! It sells so well in taobao, you can not miss it.

taobao agent latest women's shoes

taobao agent latest women's shoes

When the temperature is decling, the leopard elements is popular wave after wave, no matter in what occasion, or in terms of what object, just to observe carefully you will find leopard is hot in this season, and become the focus of audience with great fanfare.
Everything with leopard element is hot in taobao.

Very simple design of a Martin boots, it sets foot feeling great and it also looks elastic.
The design of high-heeled not only make you enjoy comfort the shoes bring, but also  increase your height invisibly. The high-heeled shoes is always selling well in taobao.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Missing 1111 but come on 1212 discounts^^

Missing 1111 but come on 1212 discounts^^

Still feel sad since missing the double 11 on Nov,11th? 
Forget it, just look at the end of this year about double 12 promotions on Dec,12th. 
According to latest news announced, can be looked at zero o’clock December 12th, 
There will be many products taking more than 50% discounts and waiting for you,
If you need help, welcome to keep attention to taobao latest news and search keyword "1212" now,
You will gain some surprise then ^^

Before 1212 landing Taobao, you may choose and collect some items 
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1212 Valentine's Day gift of Christmas love snow ball snow the house crystal ball music box music box - USD 12.68

1212 new Women Korean winter the straight canister woolen shorts boots pants black and gray color D250 - USD 13.66

Boots the beef tendon Didan coin 5803 leather snow boots boots special in 1212 - USD 56.59

2112 Z double Hubollc men's winter 1212 fashion stand collar jacket male - USD 32.98

Scarf muffler Ms. Cotton light gray 150cm-175cm warm Spring and Autumn rectangular solid color scarf / scarves - USD 24.98

1212 Korean new women wild high collar long-sleeved Slim primer shirt sweater tr11255 - USD 23.41

12122011 Winter Women's new retro color pattern double-jacquard in a long sweater with Wai - USD 29.07

1212 New Women Korean red waist dress Slim long-sleeved long section of the Women's T-shirt - USD 6.40

Hats / Caps wool Ms. wool cap casual army green beanie bare S (54-56cm) dome - USD 7.61

Men cotton padded clothes hooded in long section (wear long clothing more than mid-thigh, hip or less) Slim-Spewing zipper waist drawstring 170/92A light green - USD 24.98

[2] 1212 Korean Women stretch knit lapel bottoming shirt sweater - USD 14.63

1212 Bin Iraq slave genuine new winter couture Korean printing long-sleeved hooded cardigan sweater - USD 34.93

[1212] with foot thickening clip cotton winter winter models Romper climbing clothes Santa Claus loaded - USD 15.22

Round 10-inch latex balloons light Balloon pearl color orange - USD 2.00

Gloves dark gray sheepskin friends love the expression of young people (20-35) Men of gloves - USD 15.41

Scarf muffler Universal wool black 175cm-230cm warm Spring and Autumn rectangular lattice scarf / scarves - USD 19.32

1212 Korean version of Women cotton down thick cotton vest Flax fashion Korean Women Vest - USD 14.63

12,122,012 new brand Women Korean cloak coat woolen jacket Girls' High School long section - USD 77.66

1212 new winter Christmas fitted beaded collar shawl + woolen jacket and long sections Slim lapel two-piece - USD 40.59

Double Twelve 1212 autumn and winter Girls new pattern plus thick velvet high collar bottoming shirt Rongshan Christmas section - USD 11.32

Belt / chain Men lap canvas military green belt 3-4cm light board Pin Buckle - USD 8.78

1212 first to Tibet 2012 new brand women's fashion models dress wild skirt may be granted - USD 32.78

1212 Men's new autumn and winter cotton sweater men hit color stitching V-neck sweater men - USD 30.83

1212 Korean version of the 2012 winter new women sherpa stand-up collar padded jacket thick cotton - USD 46.44

The double 1212 Korean version of the fall and winter clothes new Women cloak shawl woolen jacket woolen waist coat - USD 58.15 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Detained pirates - double skull cup

Detained pirates - double skull cup

Double-layer design, the inner skull shape, imprison which is like a pirate, pour whiskey or red wine, the skull is what can be overawed everyone present! Let you become the focus of the party!

Really a thing of the Crystal Skull? Well, hard to say, although the people had heard of the Mayan culture achievements incomprehensible, but the crystal skull found in Central America Honduras Mayan ruins in 1927, but still shocking. Carved this skull with crystal, 12.7 cm high, weighs 5.2 kg, size as the real head is carved according to the head of a woman. Exactly the same proportion of Fengyun cranial facial features with modern. Far more than a thousand years of history, experts have studied the surface of its internal structure of the skull, affirmed its long history, indeed the relics of the Mayan era. It is from outside the Earth?

According to legend, the people have to find all the skulls before December 21, 2012. That day is already circulating the end of the Mayan calendar in 5126. 13 skulls together and press the correct position placed, otherwise the Earth will fly axis. Only do that, skulls supernatural forces in order to save the planet.

Well, really want to find the estimated quite hard, but secretly tell you, you can try to replace with this skull cup, before the so-called doomsday, be able to enjoy the happiness and happy, what can not it?

Led thermostat color faucet

Led thermostat color faucet

A make your life full of colors of high-tech electronic products

This discoloration faucet can definitely give you enough cool, it was placed in ordinary tap outlet, auto-sensing flow converted to green when the water temperature drops below 20 degrees, when the water temperature is below 40 degrees, a blue color lights, when the water temperature is above 40 degrees, automatically converted to a bright red light, to remind the distinguished water temperature is too high, careful hot. Provided with a water-saving device, turn off the faucet, the lights went out.

The pursuit of quality of life, of course, you want to own life is full of color, it would act quickly!

Salt water powered car

Salt water powered car

Salt water powered car, to promote environmental protection

all people will once again focus the salt rich sea!

Today around the world to promote environmental protection and energy saving, which is undoubtedly a major invention. Magic salt water power toy car, the brine as power and energy, do not need any batteries, just add some salt water will be able to let it run up, completely environmentally friendly toys.

So trendy toys for you like creative toys, certainly not to be missed.

For children in the game at the same time, slowly began to understand the knowledge of green energy, and childhood environmental good habits while DIY culture ability.

Thanksgiving day gift^^

Thanksgiving day gift^^

So many gifts to choose, why not pick a creative and funny one? Present is not about the price, but the sweet and happiness you bring to him/her.
Laundry is not just exclusively for women, boys will be self-reliant, of course, also to help his mother, wife or girlfriend. I am a happy happy boys, love family, love life, I lived a happy life everyday. ^^

So cute and sexy couple lips pillow, are you moved? For more details, please check 

Cake? No! They are cotton towel! Do you believe it? For more details, please check 

Presents all ready now, just move your finger and take them home! ^^

taobao agent sending Christmas gift

Surprise! 1 new CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION EVENT will start soon about, this big event will 
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