Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cheap price good quality tablet

Get 1 Onda=Get 1 tablet like Ipad!
Event Unit product price only need $ 157.85,
After event closed, it will recover Original price=$177.37

Event time:
(Taobao now countdown = 2 days 14 hours 9 minutes 24 seconds) LINK:

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Functions like IPAD:
8 inches (4:3) super wide viewing angle IPS screen
ARM the latest schema logs A31 quad-core processor
8 display engine, the world's top three top power VP chip
2GB dual-channel DDR3 memory
64-bit high speed memory bandwidth, faster processing speeds
The latest Android version 4.1
4K ultra-HD media player (4096*2160), Blu-ray 3D

Friday, December 21, 2012

G20 Smartphone Android 2.3 system MTK6515

G20 Smartphone Android 2.3 system MTK6515

Mobile advantages: 3.5 inch steel touch screen, dual SIM dual standby, Android Android2.3.5 smart phone, GPS navigation, WIFI wireless Internet access, EDGE high speed Internet access, accelerometer, 3 million pixel camera, 320*480px resolution, 16 million colors, 3.5MM, headphone jack, Bluetooth, JAVA features, UCWEB browser, Google maps, mobile phone stocks, mobile QQ/MSN,Office file reading/editing, E-mail, e-book reader, English-Chinese dictionary, and quad-band
Mobile phone disadvantages: too many features is somewhat complicated

How to choose Thai quality jerseys

How to choose a good quality Thai version jerseys
Now there are a lot of jerseys, are known as is a Thai version jerseys, which the average customer is not clear, so often deceived. Many customers at the time of the Advisory asked Thai version jerseys, but the accurate meaning of the Thai version jerseys are a smattering even know nothing about it.
1) real (Acura) Thai Soccer Jersey size upgrade for European yards (S.M.L.XL) If you buy a sub-code (L.XL.XXL.XXXL) must be a fake Thai version.

2) exactly how to tell the difference between genuine and fake Thai version jerseys? Keep in mind the following several points, you'll be able to tell the difference between true and false.

I: look at fabrics, genuine Thai shirt Soccer Jersey and the General the biggest difference is the fabric. Thai Soccer Jersey is the real DRI-FIT moisture absorption and quick dry fabric. Best feature is the fabric soft and delicate, feel comfortable, and there is good moisture absorption properties. Best way to test a few drops drip fabric wash speed, real DRI-fit fabric, water droplets are absorbed rapidly spread, there could be no water droplets floating on the surface of the fabric. If water droplets in uniform surface condensation does not move or slip, so you may judge are just ordinary polyester fabric.


II: see flag, real Acura Thai version jerseys, brand flag, and fabric flag (Nike of is in clothes left hem Department embroidery of DRI-FIT flag, Ardy Wiranata of is clothes right hem Department offset of oval CLIMACOOL flag), and led standard (collar inside of flag), and hanging brand, and washed standard (that clothes inside left away from shirt feet edge 10CM high Department of washing and components description. Pants Sewn-in label inside the trousers. ) Is complete. All flags and authentic are almost exactly the same, brand logo embroidery beautiful, clear appearance leading offset printing, tags make exquisite, full, Sewn-in label material sense of smooth silk, printed clear edges smooth. Poor quality or kind of pseudo-Thai version tends to brand the sign-making rough, leading printing printed material thin and fuzzy, simple pages missing tag or no tag, in particular the Sewn-in label, many so-called Thai version jerseys are not washed.

III: offset printing quality, many clubs sponsor logo on shirt chest is offset, offset AAA Soccer Jersey, is made of imported materials and colloidal solid, machine won't wash out poor quality jerseys, offset printing material is relatively thin, washer, easy off, or split, seriously affecting the beautiful clothes.

3) shirt printing, maintenance tips:

1, where a fine hot stamping numbers or hot stamping pattern jerseys, do not put it in the washing machine washing and dewatering, washing by hand. Do not use strong detergent to clean hot stamping part, not its position firmly rubbed on printing print.

2, dry shirt, please don't put numbers on the sun exposure, Jersey, in turn, should be dry, conducive to the maintenance of number. Jersey does not wear jerseys hanging up should be kept, not folding to avoid number impairment.

3, if printing printing section appears tilted, dropping off, please clean and not contaminated with plastic or wax paper (such as double-sided adhesive tape and back) coverage on the number, and fonts, irons hot 6-10 second, if unstable, and hot again and extend the appropriate hot time. Special Note: do not leave the iron direct contact numbers and letters

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fashion stytle in winter

Fashion stytle in winter

Woolen coat is one of the most popular winter jacket, and there is no exception this year. Put it on reflects a trace of warmth and luxury, as long as one piece can easily usurp the eye. With the backing culottes and boots definitely let you become the fashion, girlfriends, let’s together search in taobao.

Beautiful sweater, it is the winter must-have item, leisure thoroughly remarkable personality and handsome, warm and not bloated, slim good body can easily show out.


What gift for your best friend?

What gift for your best friend?

The false collar has become an irresistible upsurge, in Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, and many other brands have launched a variety of false collar. It is also hot-selling in taobao. It likes a necklace, but yet more than a necklace. This product from the Japanese brand design, the design concept is a retro feel, hand craft custom beads, make you become noble and retro.

Christmas is coming, do you have any idea what gift for your closest sister? Perhaps scarf is a good choice, to keep out the cold but also concave in various shapes. A scarf is really eye-catching in winter~  

The best choice on your foot!

The best choice on your foot!

New stytle boots, recommended to everyone, which is really beautiful and comfortable, thick heel is also very stable, the most critical is making your foot ultra-thin.
This year, major purchasing site has this type of shoes, such as taobao.
It is super handsome to wear with jeans.
Simple without any decoration, shoes are also very good wear.

It is cold now, your feet must be warmer, remember? Plush snow boots, most warm weapon, do not allowed us to freeze! Tell your best friend, It is the best one!  

Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming!

Ladies who do not want to be so naive or so mature, this noble and youthful coat is most suitable for you, very sweet!

Who says winter can not be beautiful as well as warm? Warm secret, come with a thick leggings, super-thin warm, remember to share with your most concerned friends, it is hot in taobao.

Beauty and temperature? Choose a thick winter dress, this Christmas, leaving a beautiful memory!
span> sweet!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

My wished Romantic wedding

A romantic wedding can make you remember forever.
The rose is the flower of loveblossoming colorful roses around together, they make the house full of romantic atmosphere.
The thin yarn laps wound, add the indoor an extra touch of elegant noble .
Balls Hang colorful roses, creating a lively and cheerful, festive delights.
It is hot-selling in taobao.
Your wedding can miss it !

The happiest moment of life must have roses romantic ballit is considered perfect.

The most romantic day in life

The most romantic day in life
The colorful balloon decorated marriage room, the hotel walls. Make your wedding field beaming!
Classic wedding needs a romantic atmosphere, romantic atmosphere can not be separated from the balloon. Our colorful balloon will be your best wedding gift. Wish you along with pure love to walk the halls of happiness, start your romantic story.

Heart-shaped balloon make your wedding more sweet. It is hot on taobao.

The best birthday party

The best birthday party

Happy Birthday balloons is party indispensable ornament, it decorates a birthday party atmosphere, make the participating children and adults feel more pleasant.
It is loved by children and adult in taobao. Believe me, buy it now.
Pentagon flowers are suitable for theme parties, hanging on the occasion of the birthday or holiday party, very helpful to increase party gatherings atmosphere.

The best birthday party

Successful birthday party should reach ...

A dream come true. Should let the children fully enjoy the birthday, he / she is the protagonist of the day, he felt confident, happy and a dream come true.
In addition to the protagonist in the day, invited children, relatives and friends, bring them relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Evocative. After the end of the party, to stay in the memory may be a bright spot in time, a game, an impressive party decoration, or a personal speech.
Please have a look hot-selling birthday party ornaments in taobao.