Saturday, April 27, 2013

2013 world's authoritative Beauty List

                         2013 world's authoritative Beauty List

"The world's most beautiful people" first: Gwyneth PaltrowNow has a 40-year-old temperament actress Gwyneth Paltrow Geometric Patterns  is the most beautiful time at home.

Gwyneth said that in the eyes of her two children, she is a mother. Gwyneth rarely make-up, wearing only a T-shirt and jeans. But an awards show Bra skirt with exquisite taobao agent diamond earrings and luxury bracelet really dazzling, noble temperament improved a lot.

"The world's most beautiful people" Second: Kerry  36-year-old Kelly (Kerry Washington), Washington in 2012, the popular U.S. drama "Scandal" (Scandal) plays Olivia Pope corner of her numerous favorable, and in the movie "liberated Tiago (Django Unchained) by director Quentin Tarantino (Quentin Tarantino) phase, a new generation of "Quentin girl. Glamorous image on the screen, she says she enjoyed the usual casual look. Simple chinese ebay women's dress.

"The world's most beautiful people" Third: the Amanda Xiefuleide (Amanda Seyfried)
Great beauty girl of Amanda Xiefuleide (Amanda Seyfried) has a porcelain Heavy Metal  doll-like skin, shining eyes and a beautiful face in the movie movie "Les Miserables" (Les Miserables), "Mamma Mia" (Mamma Mia !) have outstanding performance in the film.

Wonderful beauty bracelet

                                 Wonderful beauty bracelet

Love bracelet, simple style, sweet and stylish, bring a very, very good yo.
Korean version of the retro fashion heart-shaped bracelet, style is very bright, very shiny love, can also when anklet Oh ~

Korean version of fashion daisy pearl bracelet, a fresh stretch pearl flower bracelet, MM can wear oh ~
Fashion bow leather cord bracelet, red leather cord bow bracelet, Chinese style, most vividly Women’s cuffs bracelets.

Super love Women’s bangles bracelets , cute bear pattern, multicolored crystal can be used as gifts to send his girlfriend Oh ~

Korean Fashion toot fish crystal bracelets, classic cartoon characters with taobao agent colorful crystal mosaic, let your wrist released this summer is not the same charm.

Korean version of the Rose Metal Diamond Women’s chokers necklaces fashion style the simple wild spring and summer wear super Oh

The the chinese ebay bracelet feeling very brilliant color, shape a better idea to let you immediately return to childhood, with simple clothes can be a color.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Gorgeous clutches in the street

Gorgeous clutches in the street

Gorgeous leather handbag for high-end Women’s satchel bag, the quality of workmanship are beautifully added diamond rivets skull Metal snake leather fashion elements inside the card bit zipper when the wallet,

When the taobao agent clutch, put it down, large-screen phone Oh, ultra-shiny style, this summer must have oh

Europe and the United States have to love Trendy Women’s hobo bag, decorative rivets to be light-colored single product mix and match, each must Uptown Girl, oh,

Bag super wild Whatever the occasion, no matter what the dress code, and everything can harness
Hit color stitching temperament models! ! Boo children stick Oh! ! Spared the article in color! ! There are wooden awesome! !

Hollow envelope style bag shoulder bag Messenger bag retro bag motorcycle bag, awesome Oh Hyun Oh, take it out! !
The hollow cut flowers, new elements of the forefront of fashion Women’s messenger bag, the Boston fashion style, whether travel or party, can instantly Spirit now glamor style

Seal pattern simple shoulder bag influx of women clutch, very popular Women’s envelop clutch! Worthy of recommendation!
Serpentine trend, sexy charm is irresistible, sexy wild, feminine, gorgeous and swagger.

Korean shiny embellishment

                              Korean shiny embellishment

United States take whims and arbitrary range of Women’s hoop earrings in Europe and America
Like metallic necklace, like this small, casual whims range of children in Europe and America, any one of the jewelry is more of a tao bao punk rock children with a variety of leisure or handsome clothes are awesome Oh!

A wide range of fake collar is both beautiful Women’s brooches and easy to take over the United States a false collar necklace, the whole drill design invincible super shine Oh.

Very, very like this pearl necklace, super beautiful, this necklace is sweet princess models, suitable for ladies range of children Oh.

Particularly fond of metallic wide bracelet, to tell you a little secret Oh, the wide bracelet will look the wrists very fine said.

Super a beautiful earrings, gorgeous shine. Earrings full drill square very generous elegant oh.
The very punk a bracelet, super handsome sexy leopard handsome rivets, metal texture, great weight of a cropland super like.
Very delicate work of a rivet bracelet, taobao agent black leather plus coarse ore metal rivets, the whole bracelet is very punk rock flavor.

Like the punk feeling of being reckless, silver skull, golden lizard, with the thick black leather cord, super feeling oh.
Full of metallic bullet pendant, also woven thick leather women's bangles cord sub, very cool, very handsome.
The bracelet is the color of the stitching, very atmospheric gorgeous taste, tri-color stitching more rich colors, like cards winds mm do not miss it, very beautiful models wow.
Retro punk full sense of a lion's head necklace, the lion's hair, eyes and ears, nose do very realistic and detailed!

Sexy fish mouth high heels

Sexy fish mouth high heels

Deficiencies, then they would have acquired to make up for a pair of comfortable high-heeled shoes, which can easily significantly higher, but also can be a good elongated body lines, and thus play a tall, thin; the retro Roman design, that is noble and Women’s booties boots atmosphere.

See these shoes will be able to give a simple sense of elegant Women’s ankle boots, style design is very beautiful, fully embodies the beauty of a woman.

Increased not tired feet, sexy fish head, coupled with the the cross buckle retro Women’s calf height boots, adding to a sense of temperament.

The classic Black, a small fish head women's elegant show no doubt, inclined to open the V port design, very chic.

Charming atmosphere of the blue, with china ebay beaded embellishment, adding to the sense of a woman's soft.
A very atmospheric Oh, classic black, metal embellishment, plus the full sexy fish head, beauty.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Do not let fingers blank

Do not let fingers blank

Fine jewelry can make people feel better, but also can help you to improve with. Exquisite fashion ring, allows you to easily United States take to the fingers at Women’s armor rings, the ring control do not miss!
People pleasing delightful wear not so blatantly, the share of sweet rings.There are plenty of plain.
A delicate, slender, beautiful, exquisite and delicate cutting, pure, sparkling bow, very wild.

Swarovski crystal, high-density alloy taobao agent plating 14K gold, superior color retention effect!
High-end Swarovski crystal, Super Flash, aesthetic, let your fingers Dayton was noble elegance.

Sweet beauty drops Oh, and each is very nice, especially single wearing one of the two Crown Ring!
?Elegant and romantic, wear it, pay attention to the temperament of the refined woman from the details of the show.

Give it a little light, it will jump for joy at your taobao fingertips Smart. Really beautiful.
Elegant and stylish, wear it, beautiful and intellectual.

Elegant design, stylish modified to create a china wholesale visually beautiful and elegant feel.
??Wear very elegant woman a favorite Oh! Like, do not miss.

I want a candy-colored bags

I want a candy-colored bags

Japanese cute small fresh in candy colored Women’s portfolio clutch personality mushroom bags, cute candy colored bags, very fashion oh

Hit the color, candy-colored ostrich pattern, microfiber leather, tassels, lock, setting all the elements are integrated into this wild bag, but also with three back method Women’s duffel bag

College Wind candy patent leather shoulders back china ebay shoulder package, nude pink big bag, very stylish, very eye-catching bag

Candy-colored chain bag, jelly bag this season ultra-popular Oh, lozenge style is very fashionable Oh
A great card of a bag, mini version is fine, you can put down the Apple 4S phone, you can also put some other small things

A car sutures and skull design tao bao handbags, candy-colored, lovely and fresh.
Suddenly reflected bag of fresh wind hit the color ice cream candy portable commuter bag, simple color matching
Candy chain Lingge package patent leather shoulder bags, really rare a great card small fragrant air bag Oh, full gas field

Fluorescent candy colored pillow handbag bag over the United States a jelly pillow Women’s straw bag, with a distinct personality and trendy by the stars and the beauty of the MM fancied yo.
Very beautiful. Simple design style atmosphere, very stylish, ultra-stylish a bag, very lady style oh
Cute candy colored bags, fashion and lovely style, I am sure you put it down to it.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

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Monday, April 22, 2013

A lot of people go to Hokkaido

                             A lot of people go to Hokkaido

Very disturbance, because the winter steaming hot springs.
But you know what? This season Hokkaido is also very beautiful.
And the last tourist season, the tickets can also be, why do not you try it?

Late little adjustment. Special emphasis is that I travel this equipment, Canon color performance, Tamron mirror of God wide-angle and telephoto lens image stabilization, really like this on the road, do not want to bring a lens and body must have a choice.
Tourism is tourism, an easy to record your footsteps and see is the most important.
Do you want to learn Equipment Party carrying dozens of kilograms of equipment to take two steps back three steps? Come on, timing is everything!
Hokkaido is Japan's famous port, has a fine natural harbor environment is important import and export to Japan, read TVB's a TV series, the seafood here is very delicious! Oh, the temptation friends die ...
Japan agriculture and ecological agriculture do very good, because the air is very fresh, the film is very transparent, this is a friend, stitching, show very comprehensive, very good travel restore the mirror of God ...... not only praise the original While he recommended hanging head

Retro train and ordered the team, the moment it is quiet.
With wide-angle advantage is that the extension of the space in the field of vision, like the feeling of the sun this afternoon ......

Sometimes, the colorful world of photographers chasing direction, like to travel and like photography is not the heart of a friend?
Lavender ocean, bathed in sunlight ... walking one ataraxia

Visit Canada to find the harmony of nature

                            Visit Canada to find the harmony of nature

Heart for a long time, and finally taken a journey of courage

Trekking photo camera, not a photographer, do not have time to stay a long time in order to pursue the Asahi and sunset, just press the shutter, portable Sony and hanging head Tamron B008 18-270 Sony mouth ---- that is, we often say tourism mirror of God. This time, while enjoying the while thinking, encounter and views, even surfacing from time to time.
The road, with courage enough.
Lake in Canada is very much in the travel almost everywhere, environmental protection is also very good, do not see artifacts floating, there is no drain lines, water and mountains, side by side, Safe movement.
It was winter, and caught up with the red maple leaf, the colors of the Canadian flag, indulge them.
I think this is probably the first trip see, and then with the in-depth later, I found a new view, Maple Leaf turned out to be the integration of these views, a touch of red, embellishment of life
Squirrels everywhere, suddenly appear and disappear suddenly, I was lucky rest of the time, however, this guy has been in Chichi Chi, Well, to eat the goods to a telephoto end.
All the way back and forth, only to encounter a beautiful moment, stop, take a deep breath, and then do not forget to record the broad front of. Rolling snow-capped mountains and blue sky, this moment always the case went to Tibet feeling, but breathing is not so difficult. My God mirror the wide-angle end of 18mm, is not contingent me down ha ha
Met a bunch of "outlaws" Dulu, far away gently pressed the shutter, and then the driver gently pressed the horn, these guys walked away very lightly. Probably informed one flock tribe, I might disturb their rest and quiet.
Met a bunch of "outlaws" Dulu, far away gently pressed the shutter, and then the driver gently pressed the horn, these guys walked away very lightly. Probably informed one flock tribe, I might disturb their rest and quiet.

Pure wild hair accessories appointment

Pure wild hair accessories appointment

Sequined flowers Filigree Flower decoration hair bands, like a wild flower bloom quietly in the hair.
Gold hollow pearl flower hair accessories, simple, sweet shiny embellishment, wild and practical, the princess must have!
Three-dimensional lovely shape, elegant and delicate, either OL or school girls are suitable for yo.

Very punctual! Every year, there will be a fabric bow hair accessories, this year was undoubtedly this color is very positive to say the least, that a few laps gold thin chain decoration too feel it, flew a lot of bright spots, very engaging.
Wild and beautiful stone setting hair caught pretty bow, the fabric is also very chic
Can not resist a taobao agent hair ornaments, velvet should not be so popular? ! Very special design that pendant fine, pearl will be active only South Korea can do this exquisite place!

Five-tooth comb hair plug inserted comb, put hair on the side of the natural, will make your temperament greatly increased.
Angel wings hair bands Phoenix resin fabric plant tao bao hair accessories regardless of the season, regardless of hair, whether straight volume, wild and practical, sweet, charming!

Hollow woven ribbon, can be used with the beautiful effect of the atmosphere, not the kind of petty Oh

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Yang Mi share 5 ways to get beauty

Yang Mi share 5 ways to get beauty

Morning must-have drink lemonade
When I wake up in the morning, East will empty, is when you really need to eat, but it is also very easy to inadequate diet. Wake up in the morning to drink a glass of lemonade will quench your thirst, can dilute the desire to eat a meal, can effectively inhibit inappropriate diet. Can bring about dramatic weight loss. At the same time, lemons are rich in vitamin c, very good cosmetic results Women’s bubble skirt, can make the skin got up from the start, was protected by it.

Snack tomato
Yang Mi admits he is a girl who loves snacking, which most of the taobao agent girls are like. But snacking too much can make skin produce acne, grams of Yang Mi mess with no acne on my face. That because Yang Mi has something in the snacks, tomato. Yang Mihui tomato snack to eat. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin c, eat can make the skin more hydrated.
-Pearl black

Into suitable Pearl powder in a saucer, add the appropriate amount of water, stirring until creamy tapioca. Pearl powder blended evenly on your face. Massage Women’s full skirt techniques massage on your face, Pearl powder after completely dry on your face, wash your face with water. Use two times per week, can be effective in getting rid of aging skin and blackheads.

Two water, honey and honey facial cleanser blackheads
Mm can be used in daily facial cleanser again while adding a little honey wash, combined with honey water every day and evening, effectively julep, the tao bao skin will become smooth and white and red.
Method three, dissolving julep

Steam inhalation or wrap a hot towel face face, dilated pores, and then pour in the cotton export liquid, deposited on the face, dominated by t zone. After 3-5 minutes, peel off, you will find a cotton picking a lot of black on black dirt. Then apply NET membrane covering the entire nose blackheads, brute force cleared deep pores and blackheads, oil, wait 15 minutes and take the following film, wash your face when you apply qingzhi NET muscle toning water, narrow pores can be had.
Four, salt and milk julep

In moderate salt in the joined 4~5 drops milk, stay salt half dissolved State Xia is can used to massage; because this when of salt also no full dissolved, still has particles, so in massage of when hard must very light; half minutes Hou with water Women’s fitted skirt wash to, time cannot had long, to guarantee skin can again generated clean of grease formed layer, therefore clean surface Hou not in face Shang smudge any things has.
Five methods, tomato and lemon whitening cleaning

Pounded mud tomatoes and lemon slices, and then had to reconcile even after adding a little flour. Direct application to the face, for 30 minutes to clean. Clear the old Women’s wrap skirt  dead cells, deep clean the skin, tightens the skin, effectively improve the blackheads acne and oily skin, whitening, cleaning, soothing effect to while.