Friday, July 26, 2013

Only you to own perfect spring and summer

Only you to own perfect spring and summer

Soft cotton blended fabric, comfortable, breathable, skin-friendly, good flexibility, no lining, thickness slightly thinner, round neck loose version of the type. Simple and elegant round neck, short sleeve bat sleeves, wearing more comfortable leisure, formerly colored flowers elk pattern printing, diamond embellishment, colorful and beautiful colors, so you full of personality

Fancy elastic collar flounced floral lotus leaf collar dress ~ ~ ~ fresh and elegant strapless design! Unique style

Korean fake two chiffon shirt, chiffon dress is double fabric, clothes upper body is very comfortable, no penetration.

Wood ear sleeveless floral print chiffon shirt, china ebay straight version of type, comfortable wear, Slim was thin; crew neck, revealing a beautiful collarbone, simple and fresh, delicate and elegant, sexy; wood ear cuffs and collar the echoes, sweet and cute, but also prints a highlight Yiyi

Siamese pants explosion models, taobao agent colors with a very conspicuous, cascading lotus leaf chiffon lace, pink KK stitching is wonderful, perfect upper body was thin

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Eye-catching ladies summer fashion

Eye-catching ladies summer fashion

Korean-style fashion style lace chiffon dress, put super gas field, very beautiful Oh!

Retro green, very taste of Gone with the Wind, is a small lapel jacket design, a little sleeve cheongsam
Very waist type version, you can see the waistline waist, looked very slim waist
Collocation green vintage high waist pleated skirt, the skirt, the upper body is a high-density pearl linen fabric, not Zhanshen, breathable is good, not easy to have creases,

Korean fashion shoulder pad rivet motorcycle vest, this taobao agent black vest, wild and type, can make the overall shape of the color, very stylish range. Full drape material, although thin, but this work is very complex, trace double production, both inside and outside to see a patchwork thin very elegant. There is a thin pad, making clothing type is more pretty, decorative rivets at the shoulder, the influx of people must, retro feel rich. With china wholesale straps and vest is also a great choice, Star Fan children small single product

Cute cat pattern, three-dimensional china ebay decorative bow, lively and playful, cute jianling.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Simple and fashion ladies' July dress

Simple and fashion ladies' July dress

Korean Fashion V-neck cotton two-piece skirt sleeveless women's dress, sleeveless design refreshing, waist elastic design at liberty outfit

Korean version was thin loose nine feet collapse pants, very tide of a cross-type with diamond design.

Candy-like sweet pink orange, people can resist the color, fabric texture super good, is not comparable to domestic imitation version, especially lotus sleeve arc, not a casual chiffon taobao agent fabric can create beauty, thin one collapse of the soft, thick a sub stiff.

European and American retro small lapel striped tiger head Pompon women's skirt suit, jacket is back zipper, side zipper skirt

introduction about alsotao best guide

                      introduction about alsotao best guide

1) ¿Qué es TaoBao?
es un portal donde todos los fabricantes asiáticos pueden vender sus productos
directamente sin revendedores ni impuestos que encarecen su precio. Debido a que
anunciar un producto en TaoBao es gratis, comprar en aquí es realmente barato.
TaoBao es la pagina hermana de AliBaba y fue creada para vender productos de forma
2) ¿Cuál es la función de Alsotao?
es un agente de TaoBao, que se encarga de comprar el producto que tu
elegiste, revisar que corresponde con lo que has solicitado y reclamar en caso de algún
tipo de problema, y una vez que esté todo en orden enviárselo a donde tu vivas.
Vale aclarar que siempre te envian Tracking Number y una foto cuando les llega el articulo
y otra idicandole el peso del producto empacado.
3) que vende Alsotao?
Alsotao es una página originaria de China ebay que permite comprar todo tipo de productos de
primeras marcas: zapatillas, zapatos, textiles, bolsos, electrónica, entre muchos otros
4)¿Cuánto demora el envío?
envíos demoran entre 20 y 35 días hasta llegar a su casa desde el momento que salió del
depósito de AlsoTao
5)¿En qué moneda están los precios en la página?
los precios de la página se encuentran en dólares estadounidenses.
6)Como me registro?
7)Es confiable?
Alsotao hace hincapié en el tema de la confianza, porque las compras vía Internet no siempre
resultan satisfactorias. Probablemente muchos hayan comprado cosas en otras páginas y no
les hayan llegado, o no hayan recibido el producto elegido.
Para que compres con total tranquilidad, Alsotao posee un sistema de logística que permite el
seguimiento del pedido, desde el momento que efectuas la compra.
8) como se puede pagar?
El pago puede efectuarse con cualquier tarjeta de crédito internacional, Visa o MasterCard.
Incluso puede comprarse con otra tarjeta que a su vez tenga convenio con Visa o
9) Puedo pagar con Paypal o Western Union?
Aquellas personas que posean una cuenta de PayPal pueden utilizarla para realizar la compra.
Finalmente, el sistema Western Union también puede emplearse para consumar el pedido

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What should be noticed in choose items ?

                                           What should be noticed in choose items?

Follow the middle principle to choose items from china ebay.
Choose the sellers in the middle sell scores is best. (Normally his avatar around will have 2-4 blue diamonds). too high scores sellers may delay in domestic shipping. 
Choose the items pricing in the middle, too much cheap things maybe a junk, bad quality or just a fake auction. 

The best weight for a single package is about 1-2 kg. You need to estimate a gross weight while shopping.
Here is an Items’ gross list If you want to do bulk purchase from taobao agent, and get ready to provide more than one shipping addresses.

  • usual weight for 1 T-shirt: 150g-200g.
  • usual weight for 1 pair of sports shoes with box: 1000g-1500g.
  • usual weight for 1 jeans: 500g-1000g.
  • usual weight for 1 watch with box: 200g-500g.
  • usual weight for 1 jacket: 500g-1000g.
  • usual weight for 1 underwear: 100g-150g.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer to create a beautiful concerto

               Summer to create a beautiful concerto

Waist design, hit just the right color, into a circle of water soluble crochet stitching, very fine, plus wood ear folds, the layers of design is more time-consuming, very sweet women's shorts, young, stylish, confident calm infinite charm make you glow .

Deep royal sister Fan again coming out! These white printing, from the process to the distribution pattern are charismatic, graceful woman put it to teach.
If you wear a single prime Green Dress to participate in this event, seems a bit too disrespectful china ebay owner of the bar. Others thought of how you do not love yourself.
White skirt with white feather print shawl sleeve connection, echoing up and down.

Spell color stitching loose casual chiffon piece pants, style is very simple and elegant, but also very wild. Edging the neckline and cuffs are doing very well, there is chiffon shirt the wide elastic waist belt, wear really remarkable temperament

Korean style fashion style high-slit chiffon dress, put on a very sexy, super goddess Fan children!

Style is a simple fight gauze lace dress, short in front long, chest belt lined Oh, after tao bao V-neck front round neck, back zipper placket, very significant temperament Oh

Girls matching with handsome style

Girls matching with handsome style

Super handsome! ! ! And very much like the true taobao agent friend that Korean artists .. do not shoot.

Great personality wig, wig never tried me taobao spanish, even this section also had a keen interest in wig

You can always cry when I make me laugh.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Latest fashion on 2013 year's fall season salomon shoes

Latest fashion on 2013 year's fall season salomon  shoes 

Men's fashion casual shoes breathable three different styles, whether it is sports or appointments, simple and elegant style, casual salomon shoes style full of very wild.

Leather sandals jelly taobao chile powder has hollow design, blossoming flower embellishment on the shoes, ladies cute

Simple casual shoes slope with style shakes, is absolutely the best agent taobao choice for the streets, oh.

The bright women's summer

The bright women's summer 

A very stylish YY, feel comfortable from taobao agent, relaxed casual, fat, thin, oh Safe

High waist design with contrast color women's belt, loose thin version of type, sweet temperament.

Dimensional flowers purple sleeveless chiffon one-piece pants, soft purple in the summer always gives people a fresh and comfortable feeling, bring out the white color, fresh and quiet, sophisticated three-dimensional alsotao argentina applique techniques, showing romance.

Floral breath blowing, is walking in the idyllic small way have the fragrance of the land, with the lives of those tiny delicate persistent advance. Tiny lotus sleeve broken lines concise, high waist design better elongated body line, wide leg pants in the scenery from the graceful.

Very brilliant colors, a large area covering skirt printing images, cute cute! Strapless Bra word collar, exposing the pink Xiangjian, distribute aesthetic temperament; elastic waist design optimized body proportions, and instantly have a slim body; unique design style layered flounced manufactured fluffy, sleek, beautify the chest chinese ebay type voluptuous.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Product Price Between Taobao and Agent’s Website

Tao bao open API to all of its products data, including price, size, stock amount, color and etc. Since Taobao doesn’t have a English version, most agents collect this API data and use Google translation to translate them into English. Agents are charging you service fee basing original the price in Taobao, they should showing the proper USD price to you. If they increase the price without reasonable reason, think twice before using their service.
For some situation, price not matching with Taobao is acceptable. Such as items in Taobao are on sales, therefore the prices on Taobao  are much cheaper than before. This often happens in Taobao and a good Taobao should explain this to their clients allow them to modify the price according to the discounted price. But as I observed many agents don’t mention this and charge their client for the price before discount while shop the item at discount price.

Shopping skills in taobao

In this hub, we will cover:
The history of Taobao-How Ebay lost to Taobao in China?
What to buy from Taobao and how to select the right seller?

The history of Taobao-How Ebay lost to Taobao in China?
I believe most people know about Ebay, the global biggest online marketplace for C2C and B2C. Can you image such a giant would totally lost to Taobao in China? In 1995 Ebay was established in USA for the first online marketplace for C2C. Since then Ebay has expended rapidly around the world. In 2002 Ebay entered into China by merging the leading C2C marketplace- and become the biggest one in China. In 2003 Taobao was established by Ma Yun, a man with wildest ambition in ecommerce and also the founder of Alibaba. At the beginning, Ebay was supreme in everything over Taobao and Ebay considered Taobao to be nothing. Ebay charged certain amount service fee in listing and selling out products while Taobao made it totally free. 

It’s in the backbone that Chinese netizens believe internet is the place for free resource and they don’t have habit to pay for anything out there in the internet. Taobao the very local enterprise with very local ideology read this well provided marketplace serve totally free. No matter how hard Ebay blocked all the possible channel that Taobao promoted in, Taobao beat Ebay to be the biggest online marketplace in 2004. 3 year later in 2007, Ebay China changed their language to traditional Chinese overnight, which signified Ebay withdrew out from China.
Since 2004 Taobao become this biggest online marketplace for C2C and B2C, Taobao has led Ecommerce in China to a new era. Most netizens do their first online shopping in Taobao agent rather than any other website and Taobao changes the shopping habit of Chinese people and even the business model. Back in 2006, no one believed in internet shopping and considered it ridiculous because people think it too risky with actually see or touch the item before buying. But convenience, variety of choice and cheaper price compared to offline shopping gradually attracted people to try it and once people tried it they begin to love and some even become addictive to it. Personally I didn’t shop online before 2008 but some of my friends were doing so. They persuaded me to try Taobao and I shopped a pair of leather shoes at 180RMB on it. Out of my surprise, the quality seems to better than my usual shopping store. I began to shop more and more in Taobao and even considered to open my store in Taobao.
No one doubts the business model in Taobao here in China. In Nov. 11, the so-called “Singles Day ”, 3 billion RMB sales volume was transacted in Taobao in a day, which is greater than 1.25 billion USD in Cyber Monday in USA last year. Online shopping in Taobao changes the way of merchants circulating. Many factories, retailers or distributors crowd into Taobao for they’re seeing shrinking business in offline china ebay while rapid development in online shopping. For many big brands, they can’t keep resisting Taobao anymore as in previous years and open Tmalls (a kind of store) in Taobao.

What to buy from Taobao and how to select the right seller?
It seems Taobao is a good place to shop from. Which kinds of products worth buying and how to select the good buyer? The below suggestions are for your reference.

  • Review the feedback of sellers
There’re three types of feedback left for each item sold by seller.
Positive: 4-5 stars
Neutral: 3 stars
Negative: 1-2 stars
For most of the case the more positive feedbacks the better the item/seller should be. But sometimes we need to take a deep look at the quality of the positive feedbacks. Back in 2009, the Taobao rules in feedback are not as strict as now. Many sellers increase their positive feedback by cheating. They simply hire someone to virtually buy their items but without actual offline transaction. Today this kind of cases is absolutely again the rules, but higher level cheating on positive feedback still exist. We would better pay attention to who and when the positive feedbacks are left by.

  • Review the Detailed Seller Ratings Score
If you shop on Ebay, you know what Detailed Seller Ratings is and in Taobao, they have the same rating as picture shown below. Feedback and Detailed Seller Ratings Score are objective index that you can check directly on each seller’s store. No one can guarantee their reliability and they’re just for reference only. And for C store, you can choose the ones with high credit scores.

  • Check the quality of the picture shootings
It comes very natural that good picture will persuade shoppers to purchase more easily. But you need to make sure that the pictures are really shoot from their products. For most of the cases, small or amateur sellers (remember every Chinese citizen can open store in Taobao), they don’t have the time and money to do the professional product shooting. So they steal high quality commercial picture from other and modify the all the branding information to their own by Photoshop. If you buy from this kind of sellers, it might be at high risk that the products are not as good as you see in their stores pictures. Many store owners in Taobao realize the importance of their original pictures and put watermark in them. It gets harder and harder to modify the branding information. So if you find the shooting style of the picture not consistent with each other or different logo with their store, you can say the picture are stolen from others.

  • Don’t believe Unreasonable cheap price
Many people come to Taobao is because of cheaper price. But how cheap should it be? Copyright in Taobao is a serious question. For many international brand products sold in Taobao are not authorized to do so by the official company. So think twice if you can buy a LV handbag just for several hundred RMB.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

How for the foreigners outside China to shop in Taobao

My wife gets addictive to Taobao. The first thing she does after work is to check what’s on sales in Taobao and often keep awake in the midnight because she is so exciting in bargaining with the store owner. She really enjoy showing off her good deal in Taobao. Some of my foreign friends also know about Taobao and ask me whether they can shop from Tao bao. But I’m sorry to tell that foreigner can’t shop directly from Taobao because you must have a Chinese Bank account for the payment. Many “Taobao Agents” are shopping for foreigners and charge certain percentage of commission for the service fee. 

What’s Taobao Agent and How to Choose the Right One

Taobao is the biggest online marketplace in Asia and it’s the giant ecommerce leader in China. In every minute, more than 50,000 pieces of merchandises are sold through this giant marketplace. It changes the shopping habit of younger generation even brings a hit of ecommerce in China.
People in China love to shop in Taobao and recently many shoppers outside China also found shopping in Taobao is very interesting. But for most of them, they can’t directly buy from Taobao, because it require you to have a Chinese bank account for the payment and also most sellers in Taobao don’t know much English and are unwilling to ship their products oversea. At this moment Taobao Agents are providing services to foreigner outside China, assisting them to shop from Taobao.
The business model for Taobao Agent is like this. Foreign shoppers select products in Taobao then entrust Taobao Agents to shop for them. Taobao Agents will buy the items from Taobao to their own warehouse and then ship them out to foreign shoppers. They usually charge 10% of (item price + domestic shipping fee) as their service fee.
If you search the key word Taotao Agent in Google, tons of websites are provide this kind of service. As how to select a good agent, I think most people are very confused. If you’re one of them and you’re really interested in buying from Taobao, I strongly suggest you do some research on what’s Taobao or you’ll be easily fooled by some Taobao Agents. I sorted out some standards to judge whether a Taobao Agent is reliable.

  • Product Price Between Taobao and Agent’s Website
Taobao open API to all of its products data, including price, size, stock amount, color and etc. Since Taobao doesn’t have a English version, most agents collect this API data and use Google translation to translate them into English. Agents are charging you service fee basing original the price in Taobao, they should showing the proper USD price to you. If they increase the price without reasonable reason, think twice before using their service.
For some situation, price not matching with Tao bao is acceptable. Such as items in Taobao are on sales, therefore the prices on Taobao are much cheaper than before. This often happens in Taobao and a good Taobao should explain this to their clients allow them to modify the price according to the discounted price. But as I observed many agents don’t mention this and charge their client for the price before discount while shop the item at discount price.

  • International Shipping Fee
International shipping fee is very expensive and you should check your shipping fee before purchase everything in Taobao. The most prevalent shipping method for Agents is EMS, because it can ship items that are not allowed by others and cover wide range of area. The followings are DHL, Fedex, UPS and TNT. For small parcel no heavier than 1kg, they usually use China Post Air Mail. You can check all the prices in their official website:
China Post Air Mail:
Very important: It’s way too expensive to use these international express delivery without discount! In fact Agents in China can get discount from logistic companies and the usually it’s 40% off, which is the standard within in this industry. You can totally disregard those who don’t offer you any discount. (P.S. China post Air Mail doesn’t offer discount, it’s very cheap but takes very long time compared to others.)
Make sure you can find their international shipping fee information in their website. Those who hide this shipping fee or unwilling to make it clear to clients are not considered to be honest. A good Agent should tell their clients how much it cost in shipping before they make a decision in purchasing.

  • Service Fee and Minimum Charge
I don’t who make this fixed but service fee for Agent are set to be 10% of (product price + domestic shipping fee). It sounds reasonable considering all the service agents provide to you. Some agents will charge will 5% of (product price + domestic shipping fee + international shipping fee). In most cases, international shipping fee is not less than product price, so personally I prefer this first one.
Minimum charge in service fee is around 5 to 8USD, that’s to say if you purchase less than 50USD, you still have to pay them 5USD service fee. This police encourage people to shop multiple items and in most cases people will do so. Because price in Taobao are very low and buying big quantity will lower the average shipping cost for each items. But if Agents require more than 8USD, you’d better give yourself a convincing reason to use their service.

Exchange rate fluctuates all the time and most agent usually set it to a fixed rate. If you think their fixed exchange rate is not acceptable to you, you’d better switch to another agent.
Most agent use Paypal, Credit Card, Western Union, T/T, Webmoney as the payment method. For each type of payment method, there’s transaction fee charging the receiver and agents will charge you on this. You can check the transaction fee for your payment method and see the agent is charging you reasonable or not. The below is Paypal transactional fee for your reference:
  • Professionalism in Website Design and Function
Entrusting Agents to shop for can be very risky. Do you know exactly who you’re entrusting to? I highly don’t recommend you to ask an individual to do the job for you, unless you know him/her personally. It requires revolving fund, time and energy for Agents to run their business. If the agent is just doing part time, you will probably get slow response, poor quality control or even lost contact forever.
But how can you tell this website is run by a reliable company or part-time individual? We can judge this by Professionalism in website design and function. There’re many website templates out there for free. Just a few dollars everyone can build up a website in a minute. But the design and functions are not up to expectation. Especially the functions, it would be very simple and of poor user experience. A professional Agents website would cost 5000USD to be customized-made. Agents who are willing to spend this money are very likely to treat this business seriously and in most of the cases, they’re an organized team or company. It provides a very good judging standard in choosing an Agent.

  • Check the Reviews and Comments of Their Existing Clients
Any Agents would boast their service to be the best and it’s really hard to tell the true. The best solution is to check the reviews and comment of the existing clients. But reviews and comments are not always available in their website. You can check this by search engine. I really appreciate Agent websites that with their own section for their client to freely discuss anything. Because as I observed, only would reliable agents with serious business mind do this open discussion. It’s a tough test on their service. And in return, if this open discussion can be done under publicity and impartiality, it will create loyalty in their clients. After all, the very foundation of internet is to share. Sooner or later people will get to know whether you’re a piece of gold or regular stone.

  • Finally the Shopping Guide Service
We’re shopping far distance away from a strange country. We have no idea of the product information and have difficulty in communicating with sellers on Taobao. Our Agents seems to be the only way that we experience shopping from Taobao. If they don’t do a good job in giving us shopping guideline, how can we find a good deal in it? Most Agent websites has online contact but due to time difference, you can also contact them by email. Ask detailed questions and see their response. You will feel much curtained when you’re buy from professional Taobao Agents.

The above judging skill cannot guarantee you to find a 100% reliable Taobao Agent. It’s just for your reference only. The best practice is to have a trial. You will become an expert on this china ebay too!

Te explico cómo comprar en Alsotao

Te explico cómo comprar en Alsotao

Hola!! paso a contarles de qué se trata Alsotao, y a dejar los pasos que deben seguir para hacer compras seguras en esta web!!

Alsotao es una página de China que permite comprar todo tipo de productos de primera marca: zapatillas, textiles, bolsos, zapatos, electrónica.
Consiste en un intermediario directo entre distintos puntos de venta localizados a lo largo y ancho del "gigante asiático" y millones de consumidores de todas partes del globo. Al ser una página de renombre en todo el mundo, hace que existe plena confianza en todas las compras realizadas por medio de Alsotao.
Queremos resaltar el tema de la confianza, porque muchos de nosotros somos escépticos con las compras en Internet. Probablemente muchos hayan comprado cosas en otras páginas y no les hayan llegado, o haya llegado algún otro producto, no el elegido por ustedes. Para paliar esta desconfianza, Alsotao posee un sistema de logística que permite el control desde el momento en que preparan el pedido:

¿De qué modo?

• A los dos días de abonar el producto Alsotao te manda una fotos del producto que compraste; del paquete, del rotulo con tu dirección y finalmente una de la balanza donde se muestra el peso de la encomienda.
• Todo envió tiene un “numero de envió”- order number- que permite el seguimiento del envió, es decir por donde se encuentra tu encomienda.
• A través de la página del Correo Argentino encontraran una pestaña que dice “seguimiento de envíos”, se debe buscar la opción de origen internación con destino nacional para conocer la ubicación de tu compra.

Forma de pago:

Los precios que figuran en la página están en dólares, pero al comprar con tarjeta, cuando llega el resumen se paga en PESOS A LA COTIZACION DEL DÓLAR OFICIAL. Se puede pagar con cualquier tarjeta de crédito internacional, Visa o Mastercard. Incluso se puede comprar con la tarjeta Naranja Visa. Aquellas personas que tengan una cuenta de PayPal pueden utilizarla para pagar. Finalmente si hay alguien que utilice el sistema de Wester Union también puede pagar de este modo.

Envío: existen dos formas de envío:

• La primera: es el envío tradicional, el más barato que demora entre 20 y 30 días. Es el que publica Alsotao abajo del precio. Su costo es proporcional al peso del producto. Todo se encuentra muy detallado de manera clara y prolija. Al ver un producto veras su costo, abajo el costo del envío y al final el costo Total.
De manera que no hay posibilidad de confusión o de pagar más de lo que se informa.
• La segunda manera es para casos más urgentes (por ej. Un regalo de cumpleaños) El envío demora de 3 a 12 días. Pero es mucho más caro, de modo que no lo recomendamos a no ser por necesidad.

¿Cómo encontrar un buen vendedor para estar seguro de la calidad del producto?

¿Qué debe observar al elegir un producto? 
Elija a los vendedores con puntuaciones medias (ni muy bajas ni muy altas), normalmente su avatar tendrá alrededor de 2-4 diamantes azules, demasiadas altas puntuaciones pueden retrasar el envío. 
No elija productos demasiado baratos, si es exageradamente barato puede ser mala calidad o simplemente una subasta falsa. 

El grado del vendedor: 

Lo puedes encontrar en cualquier página del producto, está en el lado derecho de los artículos, el nivel del vendedor de mayor a menor pueden ser los siguientes: 
Corona > Diamante Azul> Corazón 
Si elige un vendedor con buenas calificaciones, no debería tener problemas 
Un buen vendedor implica buena calidad de los productos, buena velocidad de envío, no enviar artículos incorrectos y que usted se siente feliz cuando lo reciba 
Los vendedores necesitan 10 puntos para ser promovido de Nivel 1 a Nivel 2, 40 puntos para pasar a Nivel 3, 250 puntos para llegar al Nivel 5, 10000 puntos para el Nivel 10… etc.. etc.
¿Lo que los puntos representan?
Un punto significa una transacción exitosa! 

Stock Disponible 
Sugerimos los clientes elegir niveles altos de vendedor para comprar los artículos, ya que la mayoría de los vendedores de alto nivel pueden prometer productos de buena calidad y suficiente disponibilidad de stock. 

¿Cómo puedo verificar la disponibilidad de existencias para los artículos?

Si el producto es de largo alcance en nuestras tiendas, informará la Cantidad (Quantity) a comprar, y la disponible, en el ejemplo (115 available). 
Si sucede que ha hecho un pedido y luego se le informa que el producto está agotado 
No es normal que suceda esto, pero ya que algunos artículos son muy vendidos esperamos que el cliente sepa entender. 
De cualquier manera no tienen de qué preocuparse, nuestro servicio al cliente se comunicará con usted para ayudarlo a que usted pueda optar por otro producto o se efectúa el reembolso si las mercancías que usted pidió no están disponibles para que los derechos de los clientes se pueden proteger. 


Después de que usted completa el registro, puede iniciar sesión en su cuenta personal en nuestro sitio web desde la opción login.

¿Cómo buscar productos? 

1. La primer opcion es buscar un producto por una palabra clave. 
Por ejemplo, la marca del producto, “campera”, “Messi”, “Barcelona”. 
2 Búsqueda por categoría de productos 
3 Búsqueda por precio, crédito del vendedor, popularidad, recién llegados y otros 
Popularity: Aparecerán primero los resultados populares. 

Volume: Aparecerán primero los que tengan mayor cantidad de ventas realizadas. 

Seller Credit: Aparecerán primero los resultados de vendedores con alta reputación. 

Price Low: Aparecerán primero los resultados con precios bajos. 

Price High: Aparecerán primero los resultados con precios altos. 

Delist Time: Aparecerán primero los resultados más antiguos. 

New Arrivals: Aparecerán primero las novedades, los resultados más recientes. 
¿Cómo relizar una compra? 
Si ya seleccionaste el producto que querés clickeá: "Buy it Now"-->El producto va a incluirse en el carrito y el sistema te va a redireccionar al detalle del mismo.
"Add to Cart"-->
El producto va a incluirse en el carrito y vas a poder seguir navegando en el sitio. (No vas a ser redireccionado al detalle).
¿Cómo pagar? 

Una vez que finalizamos la orden, nos dirigimos el detalle del carrito clickeando la imagen del carro que se encuentra en la web. 
Acá podremos hacer varias cosas: 
* Editar la cantidad que queremos de un producto. 
* Eliminar productos del carro. 
* Escribir comentarios de cada uno de los productos. Ejemplo: el color, el talle, no se olviden 
de tal cosa …. Etc etc. 

¿Cómo actualizar el carro? 

Después de editar todos los comentarios, eliminar los productos y editar la cantidad de cada uno tenemos que clickear el botón “Update” para que los cambios tengan efecto. 
¿Cómo eliminar un producto?
Debajo de la columna del Subtotal hay un botón “Remove”. Si lo clickeamos el producto se eliminará del carro. 

Si todo está correcto, para continuar con el próximo paso, clickear el botón “Buy Now” 

Confirmación de envío 
Acá podrás editar/eliminar/confirmar tu dirección de entrega y seleccionar el método de envío. 

Confirmación de la dirección de envío: 
Si es dirección de envío correcta, simplemente haga clic en el botón de "enviar a esta dirección"; 
Si es dirección de envío incorrecta, usted puede encontrar "modificar" el botón para cambiarla; 

Confirmación del método de envío: 

Elegir los métodos de pago que le gustaría pagar a continuación: 
Acá tendrás que elegir el método de pago que queremos utilizar. 

1. Tarjeta de Crédito
2. Paypal
3. Telegraphic Transfers
4. Western Union & Money Gram

Cuando clickeamos el botón del método de pago seleccionado, vamos a ser redireccionados a la página del mismo. Luego de esto volveremos a Alsotao donde nos confirmará o no si el pago fue recibido. 

Confirmación de la orden: 
Eso es todo, sólo queda esperar en tu casa a que lleguen las compras que has hecho!! 

Para hacer compras en necesitas antes una invitación para crear una cuenta, mandame un mensaje privado con tu correo así te envío la invitación!!!

También los invito a que pasen por la Comunidad de Alsotao en Facebook desde el siguiente linkdonde podrán mantenerse informados acerca de todas las ofertas y novedades de Alsotao.