Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fish candle holder

This is really creative becuase it is not a regular candle holder, it is a candle holder which fish can swim inside. It is not only a candle holder, it is an environment artwork. Buy it here($ 8.13)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Billiard table lamps

Do you like planing billiard? This table lamp is really creative by its billiard design. Like made of billiard, it is really scientific with tripod and pole as lighthouse. It is really funny if you are a fan of Billiard. Buy it here($ 28.55).

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wheel coffee table

It is a symbol of modern art. It is created for leisure lifestyle, you can put this one in your house as well as office. As the design idea is to nature, it can be whirl to different directions. Size: 380*1200*870mm. Buy it here($ 156.39).

PVC plastic chandelier

This chandelier is special becuase it is not a regular lighitng, it is made of PVC plastic which stands on the point of protecting environment. Irradiated area:15-30 square meters. Buy it here($ 462.58).

Friday, April 20, 2012

Collection all the feedback from smalltao cusotmers

In order to improve our online service, recently, is in updating. We suspend registering of a new account, sorry for the inconvenience. As a feedback for all customers, Xin Lin would like to answer collection question of all customers and help you understand Smalltao Service.

*Question: How to order from, because it doesn't accept Paypal payment.

Answer: Because is updating, we are fixing our system, paypal can not support before this website  re-operate. If you have any questions about ordering and register, please constact our online service.

*Question: Is it safe to order from

We have found some customers asked this question because domain change. It is safe to order from Because we are real seller and you can find the feedback online from our customers. After you made an order, it will take 2-3 days for package arrive to our warehouse, we will try our best to send it out immediately. All the packages are re-packaging, you don't need to worry about items broken or missing.

*Question: What should I do if my credit card being refused by paypal?

There are three ways you can checkout the problem.
First, type the tips which noticed by paypal to our customer service, we will help you find out the problem.
Second, check account balance of your credit card or call your credit card company.
Finally, try another credit card. Sometimes your credit card doesn't support International payments, if this situation happens, call your credit card company and ask them to help you slove it.

*Question: How to add funds to my account?

It is not always convenient if you buy a lot of items once and pay it again and again. So the best suggestion is to add funds on your account. It is really simple for your to add funds to your account, please read the tips below:

Step 1: "Login or creat account" or "my account" button as follows which is at the top of right corner first.
Then you can find this page as follows, just input your password and email address, it is ok.
Step 2: You can click "Add funds" button when you log in your account, you can choose 1 of the payment options that you use in your daily time, it  will show like below:

After funds added, you can check your account balance. If you add $100 USD in your account, then your account balance will remain $100 USD.

Bed fiberglass shelves

Do you like this shelves? It is a modern imagination for lazy people, you can read your book on this shelf and lay whenever you want. It can be saved for more books by its glass fiber reinforced plastic resin metal paint. Product size: 230*40*160. Buy it here($ 882.58).

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy Mark Cup

Think even a mark cup can be so happy! It is pronounced as "I am not a paper cup". Yes, it is a creative cup that can delight your mood. Whenever you feel nervious or not, you can have this one in stock. It is really fun your drink water sip. Buy it here($ 7.55).

Bird table lamp

This can be used as lamp, artwork. It is really stunning when you first glance of it. This is made of iron and printing brid painting. The top of bird like howl when you turn on the lamp. It is really luxury and retro as well as Chinese element. Buy it here($ 538.45).

Monday, April 16, 2012

Calculator card

Guess what's this? It is not a credit card. Actually, it is a calculator that used for calculat your account, keep your account balance. No battery needed, solar powered. This is really cute that you can carry it everywhere. Buy it here($ 5.42).

Creative Glass ICE ice table lamp

Do you like this ice table lamp. It will never mere if you using this lamp. With the creative ideal of protecting environment, it is really benefit for save energy.  Buy it here($ 46.45).
Size: length 12cm, width 7cm.
Material: Crystal glass.
Light: halogen G9*40W distribution.

Birdcage sofa

This is really elegant and luxury. Imagine that you are living in palace and acting as princess. This sofa can be used as chair or bed. It can be hanged as art. Size: 44cm*44cm*120cm. Buy it here($ 1872.77).

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Half embedded washbasin

It is automatic if you use this one at home. You will enjoy your time washing hands, hair as a captain. It likes waterfall with 360-degree rotation. Buy it here($ 12.74).

Monday, April 9, 2012

Sport coffee cup

This coffee cup is really stylish when you are drinking coffee. It is not a symmetrical model, they are based on two different live status of these people. The fat one likes running and the thin cup likes standing. As it says "Life can not live without sport", it is really beautiful if you have these two in your house. Buy it here($ 11.61).

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Paper music package

Is that a paint? Actually, it is a package that made of texture. It is really funny when you collect all your things out. It designed zip on the outer. Inside, it put floor mats which protect the bag from damage. It is really useful if you want to change a new bag. Buy it here($ 94.84)