Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Easily tattoo

Tattoo you want without pain? Want to frequently change the tattoo.Come take a look at this tattoo stickers.

Ge Yifei tattoo stickers - the Soaring force storm Fashionable males and females waterproof tattoo stickers    Buy it here (7.35)

Special Note: The one-time tattoo stickers are imported waterproof material, a hold time of 3-7 days (according to the different parts of the body paste)

Quick wipe Instructions for use:
With alcohol, BB oil wipe pattern can be quickly remove with a cotton pad dipped in alcohol, will be part of pattern completely soaked. Wipe pattern of 15-20 seconds, and can be completely remove the tattoo.

The London Olympic influx of people

 Do you want to be the influx of people in the London Olympics? Start from         your dress! Fashion handbags, shoes, bags, you become the focus of the London
Olympics in the stands.

British Union Jack of the London Olympic style handbag practical canvas shopp
bags LONDON 2012 to commemorate the paragraph

Buy it here ($4.84)

The fall of 2012 new shoes Olympic theme of the British style Union Jack boys and girls high-top canvas shoes Tong boots

Buy it here ($17.42)

New Korean fashion students watch belt British flag m word table-neutral table men and women boys and girls table

Buy it here ($6.77)

Hand-painted shoes Union Jack canvas shoes the laziness shoes men and women canvas shoes London Olympic Games a variety of shoes optional

Buy it here ($12.00)

Fuel for the London Olympics! All the London fashion, bags, shoes, watches.Let us work together to heat up.

Leather wedding shoes

This leather weddding shoes is really beautiful and fantistic by its diamond design. With close sequins, wearing this wedding shoes make your feet more slim. Additional the rosette design adds temperament. Features soft dough and rubber sole, it is really comfortable. Buy it here($ 57.10).

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Smalltao Shipping Discounts - Get 30% off

【Shipping Discounts - Get 30% off】
Dear fans, huge discounts are waiting for you!
We received voice from our customers who want shipping discounts start!! So we start new event^^
Event Time: July 25th - July 31th
Event Member: All Facebook Fans and new registers
1.How can I get 30% discounts?
This event is for package which actual weight is between 200g - 2000g. After we upload image of actual weight, we will refund 30% discounts of shipping cost to your account.
2. How can I know my package is between 200g - 2000g?
(1) If you don't know the actual weight, you can ask our customer service first and they will contact the seller. Pls make sure the actual weight from Taobao seller including package.
(2) You can calculate weight by http://www.alsotao.com/help/34/Weight-Freight.aspx. This online tool will help you calculate the shiping charge.
(3) As I know, products like summer clothing, dresses, cellphone shell, caps, sunglasses are usually between 200g - 2000g. If you really want to know the actual weight, pls ask our customer service.
3. What can you do?
(1) Place an order, leave your order number(Made on July 25th - July 31th) below and we will check it.
(2) When products come to our warehouse, we will take actual weight and you can see the picture in your account.
(3) We will refund 30% freight to your account, for overweight package, it is unable to refund money.
(4) Each person only has one opportunity, for multi-orders, we can not refund money multi-times.
Hope you enjoy our new event^^Only one week time, hurry up!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Skull exhaust pipe tail section

This is really amazing. This skull pipe tail section can be multi-function. Made of aluminum alloy, this can carry hot vehicle exhaust. Fit for all vehicles, the mouth can release large number of exhaust. Buy it here($ 301.94).

Guitarist coffee spoon

Spoon can be creative. The design ideal of this spoon is Guitar pattern. Made of China, it can be really environmental. Feature size: 13cm, you can put it into any size of coffee cup. Buy it here($ 3.10).

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gorilla printed t-shirt

3D t-shirt? Yes, it's ture. Printed gorilla, this T-shirt is made of environmentally cotton. Water-based ink dyed handle, the Gorilla looks like vivid. Buy it here($ 28.84)

Glass Candle holder

This is really cute. Because it is a glass Candleholder that made of beer pattern. Made of oiled oak wood and glass, the WineLight top part from side by side really consists of an existing wine bottle. The base is made out of massive oak wood and is equally recreating a wine bottle and together both parts form an atmospheric wind light. Feature size: 28*7.5cm, you can use it when you are date with your lover. Buy it here($ 133.55)

Italy Magis Chair

This Magis Chair is creative by posting an audacious design based on very geometric lines and industrial materials. The seat sis in aluminum and the basis in colorless varnished concrete. These materials allow a usage to the exterior. For ourdoor uses, it is easy carry by standard size: 55*80*59cm. Consider into your garden? Buy it here($ 1101.29).

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ipad Stylus Pen

Good News! Painter can find their painting tools on Ipad. Consider painting on Ipad use finger is inconvenient, it is better to use a simulate touch brush. Like usual brush, both side can be use for painting. Iphone/Ipad use, the effect will be as the same a real painting. Buy it here($ 79.16).

Pets nest

Looks like a hat, actually it is a pet nest. Made of 100% pure wool, handmade manufacture make a comfortable home for your cat. Original size: 37*19cm, you can use scissors to make a big hole. Buy it here($ 154.45).

Keep Eyes umbrella

This is not a regular umbrella. Actually, it is a special umberlla with eye keep hole. You can use it as umbrealla, or you can use it as shield to see anyone you love. Buy it here($ 40.45).

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Motz Mini Speaker

This is not a phone holder. Actually, it is a mini speaker, which can used to share music. Features Ebony, superior sound quality cooperate with unique usb interface. While you are listening to music, your phone can also charge. Standard size: 16*31*7.6mm, easy taken outside. Buy it here($137.03).

Monday, July 16, 2012

Letters closet

What's that? It's letters closet which looks like really stunning. Features 26 alphabet, it can be hang on the wall. Soft materials can change shape to different direction. When letters get mixed up, repeated, or when content gets confused and explanation fails; an explosion of letters creates support to hold our literature. Buy it here($ 752.90).

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kiss earrings

Do you like this lovely kiss earrings? It is like a mouth in your ear, which is really beautiful and unique. As a trend of fashion, it will be the best gift for your girlfriend. Features fabric, share if you like it! Buy it here($ 5.80).

Friday, July 13, 2012

White candlestick

Is that a painting? Actually, it is a white candlestick that use fashion iron to increase fashion color. Unique bronze color with neat frame structure, when the lights up, it just like feast celebration. Standard size: 130*78cm. Buy it here($ 59.61).

Baby bed backpack

Good news!! Parents can reduce the burden. Germany invent new baby bed. It can be multi-function, features with Multiple pockets, backpack and comfortable cradle design, even you are walking in the street, your baby can get a sweet sleep. For 3 months baby, you can use this backpack to visit your parents, travelling all around the world. Abmessungen: 80 cm x B 45 cm x H 19 cm. It can carry about 2kg. Buy it here($ 137.03)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Irregular Beer Mug

Do you like this beer mug? It is irregular by its stunning design. Like the beer will spill over the mug, however, it is cut into two parts, but the unique seal design will not allow beer spill out. That's the amazing part of this mug. Size 19 x7.5cm, it can be used on any occassion. Buy it here($ 21.29). 

Firefly Keyboards

Is that ture? Actually, it is a keyboard which can be seen in dark place. With first-class LED light, it can flash on blue color. Famous in USA, UK and Australia market, it can be a special gift for your friends. USB Interface accept Win7 system, Dimensions: 16.1" W x 7.2" D x 0.9" H, weight: 1.3 lb. You can take one home. Buy it here($ 32.52).

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Korean mirror jewelry cabinet

This jewelry cabinet is really beautiful!! You can pick up all your collection and decide what you should wear in the morning!! It is really fantastic when you found your collection is all your favourite! Buy it here($ 114.19).

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wisteria Garden bathroom gift

At the first glance of this bathroom gift, it is elegant and creative. With purfume, cups, plate and high heels pattern, it collects everything you need in daily room. With golden silver color, it is really beautiful when you put it in your bathroom. Features Resin raw materials reflect the philosophy of environmental protection. Weight about 2000g, you can take it home. Buy it here($ 30.97).

Jellyfish Music box

This is not the real jellyfish. Featured Jellyfish pattern, it is a music box which can be whirligig by seven color effects. Accompany with music, it looks like jellyfish dance on the stage. It is the creative gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend.  Buy it here($ 13.49).

Monday, July 9, 2012

Lace gauze slope sandals

Do you like this lace sandals? It is really beautiful and elegant when you wear it. Your feet can become more delicate while matches with dresses, pants and skirt. Feature 5-8cm high heels, it is really amazing when you wear it on. Buy it here($ 12.58).

New event: Celebrate Argentina Independence Day

Celebrate Argentina Independence Day

 Feedback event for Argentina Independence Day, Alsotao always pay attention to Agentina clients.

Participants: All Argentine citizens
Date: July 9th – July 10th Beijing Time

1.What can you get?

Each member who bought items on our site during July 9th to July 10th(Beijing Time) will get $5 refund. No matter how small your order is, we will refund 5 USD to your personal account on alsotao.com. Each member can only get $5 refund once.

2.How can you get $5 refund?

(1)     After your order number generates, you have to post your order number on our Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/I-love-China-products/340724052607777. As soon as our staff checked your order number, we will give you a response on Facebook page and then you will get $5 refund within 24 hours.
(2)     Our customer service will not deal with your order number on email or live chat, the only way for you to get $5 refund is post on our facebook page.
(3)     For previous orders(before July 9th, or later July 10th) are unable to participate in activities.
(4)     Each member can only get $5 refund once, we will cancel eligibility for cheating.

Hope your enjoy your time on www.alsotao.com. Happy Argentina independent Day!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bell card holder

Does it cute? This is a card holder which use bell pattern, it is cute by unique design for wedding days. Best wishes to bride, you can have fun all day. Weight: 100g. The necessary merchandise for wedding. Buy it here($ 4.84).

Women's Wedding shoes

Want to be the most beautiful bride in the world? For big day, you need to prepare an elegant wedding shoe. This wedding shoe features with white rose petals, 5cm high heels fix with modern and retro feelings. Waterproof designed, even it rains, you will still stand in best status. Buy it here($ 52.72).

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Butterfly mark cup

This mark cup is beautiful. It is used of butterfly pattern whih is vivid like butterfly stop over the cup. It is really beautiful when you use it. Standard size: 11cm*6cm*3cm, it is really professional for lovers. Like god's creature, you will enjoy your time when drink coffee. Buy it here($ 11.23).

Wooden seal letters

What's this? It is a wooden seal letters which can be printed as your seal in notes, books and other sources. You can enjoy happy time when you study. Features as wood rubber, the whole box full with 42 seals. Each alphabet use different stamp, you can stamp easily. Buy it here($ 5.90).