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Be more fashion

[Pleated Dress] it can embodies girls elegance and mellow particularly, layers of folds show very romantic style, many stytle to choose on

These shoes gives a retro feel and fashion, basic style is where the charm exist!.

Greatly shaped hide your thick arms, pudgy lines also weaken the oversize drape, make you look thinner. Please girls google in on tao bao

hold your stytle

Jeweled and follow printing elements
The fresh and bright colors bring the smell of spring
Short-sleeve length are very suitable to wear inside or outside
Use of high elasticity of the Ponte and Chiffon, very fine workmanship
The use of the material is so comfortable and slim
A kind of bling bling feel.
Without any decoration, it can also let you distribute noble temperament
In winter, you can add a piece tight bottoming shirt, and a casual jacket
It will definitely become the most commonly worn in the closet

European and American personality bottoming t-shirt, the steller printing is very handsome. Slim version and the long section design is very suitable primer wear. two colors for you choose.The element is popular in taobao.

LOLA wig topics - Harajuku personalized style

LOLA wig topics - Harajuku personalized style

Now the girls are really happy, want what hairstyle can change immediately.

The development of fashion, so that girls more amazing.

Haha, today to introduce three models taobao agent wigs

Let you instantly Variety.

Especially popular this year, a variety of colors cosplay wigs streaked, but parents who do not want to hurt the hair, but they do not want to be too exaggerated.

Recently there has been a very simple and quick hair piece. This year's hot purple pink blue have.
Today I want to introduce I style cosplay wigs or daily wigs so that you can make a new hair style women's wigs ^ ^

Step 1) First combing hair.
Step 2) Folder up part of the overhead
Step 3) Take a look at the back of the hair piece is another clip can hold back the hair, super convenient
Step 4) Sandwiched between the cosplay hair above, can be separated from the region
Other colors can watch their favorite, and adjust the pitch up and down. Stagger hair piece will become more natural
Step 5) Then put down a small portion of hair covers the hair piece wigs party, hand loose, you can see the natural color of the hair piece looming
Step 6) Then last good shape, and a hat. The Japanese Harajuku wind out soon
Hastened to add more color to your own hair fashion wigs!

Korean tv show heroine makeup

Korean tv show heroine makeup

SNSD super popular swept across Asia, the child star's debut of the members allow children more "natural beauty", dignified and facial features, skin light to, you can almost revealing water, in addition to the innate good condition secret by the water, a sense of liquid foundation plus to reach a pearl, allow children to teach this skin glowing makeup base skills into the limelight oh ~ ~ ~

Girlhood, now known as the "South Korea's first female group members allow children child star debut, long dominated in popularity the NO.1 position, it is the ideal object of many actor Oh popularity continued to rise. MM whether they are on allow children supple taobao white skin, clear, charming eyes very envy ah. PClady peach makeup, you crack allow children to crush them tender and touching at the same time, pocketed heterosexual eye Oh.

Shuiguang looking finish

      Zero shine rely on cascading primer so looking finish revealing the water. Want to gloss looking finish to create a sense of water mixed primer, moisturizer sense of water liquid foundation first, easy anti-oil given oil parts matte face powder makeup, T word at the moment to pearl Loose Powder brightly; oils muscle is recommended reduction, liquid foundation to Concealer alternative, the whole face matte primer the T word pearl briefly with too can.

      1, of Shimoji with liquid foundation 1:2, as a facial basal Choose moisturizing come down to earth and water and strong sense of liquid foundation makeup can enhance the foundation elongation mixed 1:2, to create a sense of light powder moist .
      The korean makeup foundation brush radiation smear, creating no powder marks beautiful skin. Stained mixed base foundation brush, evenly brush to open from the inside out, according to cheek forehead nose chin order on makeup.
      The to the Ming adopted document Zheshi immediate flaws dull. Moment of dull black eye, recommended the Ming adopted document Zheshi, can enhance the sense of holding makeup, then stacked layer of matte face powder anti-oil Dingzhuang.
      4, face a large area thin coating, Matte Loose Powder bottoming. Thin brush to paint the large area of ​​the matte face powder, in the forehead, cheeks lightly, can be avoided because of the oil due to makeup; easy oil both sides of the nose puff pressed to absorb the grease.
      5, end of eye and mouth area, T word pearl loose powder brush dampened with pearl Powder Brush lightly with the T-zone, end of eye to the mouth of 2cm slash area have to shoot light can make the face more three-dimensional.

Pearl photoelectric eye

     Clean sense of the first heavy tao bao eye makeup, beige pearl eye shadow to brighten the upper and lower eyelids, black eyeliner plastic eye morphology, eyelashes as a supporting actor, brush arrhizus clear sense can be slender pearl and thick black eyeliner to outline the eyes.

      Eyelids inside of depicting black eyeliner. Filled with black eyeliner on the eyelids mucosa at the eyelashes voids to fill up carefully, eyes can naturally God.
      2 depicts the end of eye elongated on eyeliner. end of eye description about the width of 0.1cm from the eye black eyeliner, eye tail section level pull extended to Japan and South Korea the eyeliner use more flat painting, do not need to rise.
      3, the lower eyelid to make bright lying silkworms. Depicted in light beige pearl eye shadow, about 0.2cm width to make lying silkworm, close to the skin than natural pearl meters.

      Bright pink peach helps build good color, the Han faction lip color to go bright tones, the preferred pink or bright pink pearl strengthen Chun Feng, lip gloss to strengthen the center of the upper and lower lips, beautify the lip so brilliant lips a bright spot.

      1, pink peach lipstick applied evenly. Picks up the bluish peach pink lipstick, first outlines the lip and then painted the medial uniform can.
      2, the lip the central stack Sheung Shui sense lip gloss shiny pink lip gloss selection bias, stacked rub in the center of the upper and lower lip to make sense of light can be to draw a circle.
      Brightly in beige pearl Chun Feng. The lip brush dampened with beige pearl depict Chun Feng, by rich, three-dimensional slender pearl to lips.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mixed cat's eye makeup

Usually play out don't know what to draw eye makeup well? It’s so hurry to try the cat eye makeup! MM who have focused on fashion, makeup course will focus on their eyes, eye makeup styles, but so far, cat eye makeup is still the darling of fashion topics. The heiress of cat's eye makeup is absolutely able to meet your requirements.


In front of the makeup on his face, press with a tissue on the eyes absorb excess oil and double eyelid stickers affixed, tweezers, do not use fingers to reduced viscosity; then coated tao bao BB cream on your face, painted swept away final to loose setting powder.


Then there is the most important part of eye makeup, our choice of earth colors, light brown base, dark brown in the eye at the end of sweeping and slightly elongated, with pearly white eye shadow on lower lid, bright, shiny feeling.


Using eyeliner draw a thick black eyeliner, eye end elongated picked on, painting the eyes a little bit, not much, scary, creating a cat-eyes, feel.


After Alice Eyelash curler, brush a layer of mascara to stereotypes, we should use eye tail and long false eyelashes, apply glue on stuck to the roots of the eye lashes, eye makeup is OK.


Eye makeup of good began to make the high nose, right, white is highlighted, Brown is a shadow, the shadow long soft brush is recommended, don't use that flat eye shadow brush from taobao agent, is uneven.


Pink blush swept below the cheekbone, face shapes visually smaller.


Finally choose red lipstick painted, and create a retro feel.

Elegant and age reduction hair style

This disc is a bit retro feel.
1, hair up, tied up.

2, would tie up the picture and figure out.
3, opening with a clamp fixed.
4, take taobao hair accessories can also be added as a simple zhafa.
5, then walk in hair braids.
6, braided hair fixed, will prepare the hair, in the band and clamp fixing.
7, good hair, into the band and clamp fixing.

Monday, February 25, 2013

You can't miss it!

This dress sub inspiration come from European retro palace.
Add a Rococo's ornate elements, shirring wood ear design, fluffy puff, and slightly exaggerated fluffy hem make the skirts refined and elegant.
Overall design are two layers combined, workmanship is very complicated,
The most skilled workers at taobao are only complete a finished product per day. Number limited!
Due to increased labor costs, the price will rise next year,
So, you know. . .you can not miss it.

The stripes hit color classic vest skirt sell well on taobao~ · front is round neck, V-neck behind.
The most special characteristic is the two crimp processing from the collar to the waist, the waist with the excess part of the side of the chest close up.
Fabric is something partial thick, so it has a good shape sense and fee three-dimensional.
The color is bright colors , but sedate black.
So it will not be dull or too jump when wearing out.
That would be a good choice when attending appointments, party or program.
For more beautiful clothes,please follow us.

Neon make-up, called a beautiful

Nothing to do at home, Freehand give yourself a rainbow makeup, use the camera to take steps agreed we will write a detailed tutorial, today the fox to keep his promise.

The makeup products used to fight a compilation album, when used in a later step detailed write drops. In fact, the rainbow makeup looks complicated, but the operation is super simple and very easy to get started! Only draw attention to three key points like
You can find step on taobao.

1, makeup base must be clean. 2, remember the first eye brush on loose powder eye shadow, do not let flew to his face. 3, blooming excessive eye shadow must be uniform

The first step: backing

Before this photo released microblogging lot of students asked makeup tips, previous impression, while more than two different colors of eye makeup, perhaps it is easy to draw dirty makeup face clean but precisely good painting a rainbow makeup is the most important.

This is like you want to paint a beautiful watercolor painting, then the first step you must be ready for a clean sheet of drawing paper, and absolutely not a random Chang Man stains of old newspapers.

This primer with the product is the latest hot CHANEL CC cream.
How should understand the "CC" cream name? BB cream upgrade? CHANEL double C logo? Chanel China Cream? In fact, no matter what kind of reason is not important. You just need to remember that this is an easy to use: looking finish of alternatives, to isolated milk, beat up base, as well as polish sunscreen??

The CC cream deep-sea natural active ingredients and mineral hypoallergenic formula, to ensure its security. Even the the skin risk pox or seasonal vulnerable period, can not use foundation products, you are big you can rest assured with CC cream buttoned. The SPF30/PA the SPF, enough to cope with the day-to-day needs of any ordinary white-collar.

CC cream only beige (Beige 20) the only color number. It is said that the early development of CC cream is designed six different color number, but in the end to the technical team have found, in fact, does not need so many color choices as Beige 20 is almost a "versatile color number" fair-skinned people seemed as if they were the second layer of skin beneath pure generally fit, it will not feel any sense of exaggerated makeup, even if the use of color slightly darker, but struck a uniform, bright, fresh and flawless complexion.
These are popular on taobao..

5 precepts Facial

A forehead all year round with acne?

Many sisters have such troubles.
Because the most forehead acne representatives heart Huo, blood circulation problems, may be too labor heart trouble. If you look, you will find such temper is not very good, you should be into the habit, adequate sleep, and drink plenty of water. For more information, please check taobao.

Do not because of the long forehead acne shear thick bangs, that would make the forehead skin can not breathe properly aggravate acne.

Question two, around the nose and acne-prone areas

Because The most common acne long nose at, which means you poor appetite, may be a big stomach fire, digestive system abnormalities, spleen Ministry also is affected by gastrointestinal function.

Want nose acne quickly disappear, remember to remind myself not to eat too greasy, gastrointestinal refreshing refreshing. In addition, for constipation, flatulence bothering nose near easy acne.
Problem long chin acne
Said with impaired renal function or disorders of the endocrine system. Many women before and after menstruation chin long acne will gradually disappear, to menstrual.

Special attention to the body's overall nursed back to health in the physical period, maintain a normal daily routine, adequate sleep and a balanced diet is very important.
Problem cheeks Zhangdou Because The acne long position in the left cheek, indicates that your liver function may not be sufficiently smooth, something had gone wrong, such as the liver secretion, detoxification or hematopoietic function, need liver detoxification conditioning, to keep the mood is also very important.
Long on the right cheek pulmonary dysfunction, a lot of cold, are easy on the right cheek fierce acne.

Prevention of the Road, is paying particular attention to the maintenance of the respiratory tract. In addition, food allergies also should be avoided, such as mango, taro, eggplant, seafood.
Problem, eye diseases

Eyes not only the viewfinder or observation of the world perspective window of healthy, many problems can be reflected through the eyes.
Said Dr Smith, the chief investigator for the U.S. National Eye Institute, the eyes can reflect your health.

1, bloodshot eyes
If the eyes are in pain, they need to find a doctor to look at is infected with a disease called scleritis, if only one eye is affected, serious problems may occur.
2, find fault
Eyes swollen bumps to thyroid problems.
3 ptosis
Drooping eyelids most aging performance, if only one eye ptosis, and even throat need to quickly see a doctor, because it may have been a serious problem.
4, asymmetric pupil
Sometimes innate, but when a pupil of volume changes may appear pupil nerve or the occurrence of brain tumors.
5, white spots on the iris of the eye
Corneal ulcers, usually caused by wearing contact lenses to see a doctor immediately.
6, itchy, red and watery eyes water
These signs may show allergies, try the medication and cold compresses.
7, the color of the eyelids
The inside of the upper eyelid, such as pink indicates that the physical condition, if there is red that dysfunction of the blood, digestive and reproductive organs, appear white to show that the lack of hemoglobin, anemia or blood circulation disorders appear red and yellow may be the kidney, liver, spleen pancreas, heart dysfunction.
8, about the black eye
If accompanied by some unusual symptoms of dark circles, sometimes the signs of the disease. By modern medicine, many chronic diseases, affect the microcirculation occurs to varying degrees of dark circles, will be accompanied by some obvious symptom of a disease, then it is not just the problem of the kidney, but involving the heart, liver, spleen and lung. Any organ is sick, sometimes showed black eye, liver cirrhosis, nephritis, renal failure, respiratory failure, and blood diseases or endocrine disorders will appear dark circles.
9, whites color
To judge from the whites of the eyes, the whites of the eyes yellow, it may have liver disease worries; anemia usually eyeball pale; allergy problems the whites of the eyes of the color will darken the luster faded grays.

Seven strokes and skin care tips for raising a matte finish good color

Our skin is often to "surprise" us by surprise, do not wait until dry, fine lines, and so on for all these problems come back to save himself. Want to get rid of the emergence of a variety of small problems, seven strokes easy way out effort can make your skin Addict moving reproduce young girl Oh! ~ ~ you can also check them out in taobao.

The iced Eye Gel
Girls often use eye gel, may wish to long-term Gel stored in the refrigerator, remove the smear Fuyan eye puffiness or serious moisture accumulation, cool eye skin faster, quickly penetrate and soothe moisturize the skin, can improve eye puffiness.

Cleansing towel to help you gentle exfoliating
No longer need to specifically use exfoliating products, make-up remover at the same time is the best time to exfoliate. It is popular in taobao. You only need to prepare a cleansing scarf, and use it to wipe off the makeup that is completed at the same time gentle exfoliating Cleansing Milk and Facial float, while maintaining the skin tender and smooth.

Bathing rinse the face from the bottom up
Wash with shower, the flow of water energy more effectively and quickly to wash away dirt. But keep in mind that hand-held shower head to rinse the facial skin, the bottom-up direction to avoid long-term sagging down flush to the face so that the lines of the skin becomes loose.

The clever plus the cream of the peacekeeping E deal with fine lines
If you find enough nourishing cream, adding the right amount of vitamin E oil before sleeping to smear cream. Because sleep is the best time to rest by the skin, in particular, easily absorbed cream nutrition. Victoria E to reduce the effect of wrinkles, so small an act and you will avoid the appearance of fine lines annoyance.

Preheat skin care products
Cold season, may wish to use skin care products before placed in warm water for a moment, coupled with the smear. This can help to warm skin, open pores, more quickly and effectively to promote the nutritional content of the skin care products penetrate deep into the skin. Of course, the time compact, you can use both hands rub warm-up, skin care products heated before painting.

Disposable mask all night moisturizer
If your skin dry conditions are serious, completely disposable moisturizing mask evenly attaining stay all night as a sleep mask, moisturizing ingredients to fully nourish dry skin. Get up the next day, the skin will become soft and moist.

Red wine bath beauty skin care
Each bathroom has a goddess, wine is an indispensable part of. Adjust the water temperature to 2-3 degrees Celsius above body temperature, injection two-thirds of the water in the tub, pour about 5 cups of red wine. The body as a whole soak in the bathtub to soak for a while, with both hands and gently massage the whole body, until the rub body a slight fever, you will have the feeling of a "tipsy". Under the influence of alcohol, the wine of nutrients into the skin. Red wine polyphenols have anti-aging skin care beauty effect, you quietly changed America.

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Hot strong cellphone

"Lead" for thousands of years, humans have always continued to challenge the limit, climbed the highest mountain, cross the widest Strait, passing through the most desolate deserts, all records are time and time again to refresh.

For thousands of years, humans have always continued to challenge the limit, climbed the highest mountain, cross the widest Strait, passing through the most desolate deserts, all records are time and time again to refresh. Especially in the 20th century, the rapid development of science and android cellphone technology, rocket, moon, deep sea exploration, many before feeling to do things will eventually be achieved.

Actually, in phone industry in the also has similar of challenge, these challenge in future becomes has manufacturers between competition of focus: from early pursuit portable sexual, and reduce products weight, phone a step step become universal degrees Supreme of moved Terminal;taobao touch screen phone appears Hou, manufacturers and began playing up has "large screen war", from 3.5 inches, to 4 inches, and 4.3 inches, has been extends to now of giant screen level; also, smart machine of appears also birth has large range of hardware competition, processor frequency, and run memory become new of competition points.

Of course, the comparison will have strong and weak points, and each area is always a top notch product, such as the screen's biggest mobile, the thickness of the thinnest mobile phone, the maximum battery capacity and so on, win a champion at the same time, the high returns they bring to manufacturers.

"The highest frequency of" quad-core smartphones

Not long ago, MEIZU has released its new book, MX2, in continuation of previous generations of style at the same time, it hardware configuration also has been greatly promoted, and became the one of the quad-core smartphones with the highest clock speed. Compared to the previous generation works, MX2 skins without much changes in style, whole body still adopts a simple fashion design, pure white shell more vulnerable to younger consumers. Positive is equipped with a 4.4-inch capacitive touch screen, super high resolution so that it has a very good display effect. At the same time, were picked up within it a quad-core processor at up to 1.6GHz, matching 2GB RAM, overall operating speed is smooth.

The world's "thinnest" Android Smartphone

Not long ago, VIVO series push new products, in addition to trendy style, and it was also achieved the ultimate in thickness. The phone uses a simple fashion design style, its 6.55 mm fuselage again to refresh the record, at least within a short period of time without a mobile phone can go beyond. In addition, this machine also has built-in professional Hi-Fi chips, has also been done in sound top level of intelligent machines, hardware configuration the same level reached the tao bao mainstream.

Cosmetic procedures complete guide

"Blurbs" each MM makeup is important work to be done every day, so you know how to make up the most save time and effort, how to remover to clean thoroughly? Come the whole process of the most useful tips.

Quick makeup skillfully seven methods

A simple 7-step teaches you to work easily done makeup, lazy taobao english MM can also be enjoyed out of the street, 3 minute turned Heartthrob.

1, skin color and phase contrast on wiped first Foundation.

2, when the face needs to be done, to use bright Brown, along the cheek bone, and yin, and stressed by the prominent place.

Solid powder on 3, Pat.

4, Xu color eyeshadow in the upper eyelid. If necessary, lower lid on or near the eyes.

5, used eyeliner eyeliner strokes. Eyebrows with eyeliner painted, thin mascara on the eyelashes.

6, cheeks blush a little blush. Red color adds a healthy look.

7, with the little finger stick tao bao lipstick coated lips open so that lip color natural.

Makeup tips

You want to face in makeup has special good effect after, look awesome, teach you 2 steps tips, super pipe.

Before starting the make-up wipe face with a slice of lemon, or cosmetic spray after some cold mineral water, when you face looking pale, little pink ear lobe liniment make-up, you can increase the face shining.

Clever make-up Remover

Remover is also an important step in makeup face cleaning and maintenance is a very important element.

After cleansing the best nutritious Balsam. To face better absorption of nutrients, may be a hot towel compress on your face.

Middle-aged turns baby face

Middle-aged turns baby face

"Blurbs" food can not only physical energy, but also some very good skin care products, 15 hyper-practical skin care foods and their use, let you skin smooth and delicate.

Using food beauty 15 law

Food can not only physical energy, but also some very good skin care products, 15 hyper-practical skin care foods and their use, let you skin smooth and delicate.

1, place taobao agent lemon slices in wine after a day of soaking in, used to pick the next day, a long, makes the skin smooth.

2, cut into several pieces of basket, put on face rubbing gently 10 minutes, some face cream wash liniment, perseverance can make skin delicate, the color is densely populated.

3, first thousand NET facial wash, and then deliver the remaining watermelon skin (residual red flesh best), directly massaging the face, after about 10 minutes, rinse with clean water (twice a week), a long, makes the skin is tender and soft.

4, cherry rub bad, spreads in the face and neck, and wash with water after a few minutes. Long term, can make the skin more elastic.

5, add 5 drops of olive oil in l/2 in an egg yolk, mix after mix, applied to the face and neck, 15-20 minutes, and then rinse with clean, whitening of the skin.

6, peeled winter melon and cut into small pieces. After the Frazzle and l/2 of rice wine and water into paste, paint on your face every night, with water to wash away the next morning, can make the facial skin to become tender.

7, luffa vine cut from the 60 cm from the ground, incision oopo drops out at this time, the incisions into the clean glass jar and seal the bottle, over time can gather a certain number of towel gourd liquid, faces with this liquid liniment (such as drip a few drops of Glycerin, boric acid and alcohol work better), conservation effect is very significant to the skin.

8, first with warm water to wash your face in, use a taobao cotton ball dipped get coated in tomato sauce on your face, wash with clear water after 2 hours, sooner or later, you can make the skin white, delicate, Ruddy and shiny.

9, mashed pumpkin take juice, add a little honey and water, mix thoroughly lather the face, about 30 minutes, and then wash, 3-5 times a week can eliminate wrinkles, moisturize skin.

10 in a day, wash your face in the water (warm water), pour a few drops of vinegar, to make face smooth, rich, or the proportion of acetate and glycerol 5:1 after blending, erased facial and extremity skin twice a day, your skin will become smooth, delicate, not chap.

11, rough skin boiled pineapple scrub, not only to clean and hydrate the skin, you can prevent long you sore.

12 hands, regular face milk liniment, liniment, can make the skin smooth and soft.

13, mash takes sugar cane juice, rubbing clean the skin 2-7 minutes, l a day, adhere to a few months, you can increase the elasticity of the skin, skin color is red, and wrinkle reduction.

14, with a facial cleanser skin after washing, then egg whites applied on face, 15-20 minutes stationary state. Used fresh water to wash face, shrink water, liniment cream above, can make the skin to tighten, smooth gloss.

15, with the rice not too hard, serve the kneading by hand into the group, attached to the face, kept rubbing until work sticking up greasy dirt black small, again with clear water to wash face, insisted for half a year, will make the facial skin white.