Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer fresh style women's apparel

Summer fresh style women's apparel

Fashion models, can be worn alone inside the china ebay ride, a crochet hollow owl, gold embroidery, visual effects super. Loose hem, upper body is very beautiful, elegant beauty, inside than the outer layer of chiffon longer, but relatively short vest, skirt, pants with parents who need to wear a vest, skirt are the same, the visual effect is very good, impact force is very strong, very popular this year, very comfortable to wear

The perfect combination of both, comfortable casual yet elegant atmosphere, poetic, beautiful and impressive, is crush trips, the preferred taobao shopping Oh

Super beautiful bride flowers forest wedding Women’s goddess skirt, Smart and have the feeling of fairy

Clothes are cute, sparkling sequins sparkle, gold sequined small plum velvet with gold echoes, making more luxurious Women’s full skirt

Behind him to see the effect is very good, color is rosy Women’s tulip skirt, kind more beautiful, such a price almost without hesitation

South Korean small fresh water droplets hollow animal floral retro waist chiffon dress elegant Hepburn

Women's fashion star handbags

Women's fashion star handbags

You may often see its shadow, but do not know and it looks like it has the same simple name. Diane Kruger tall figure with many years of ballet training and temperament out of the bag is very simple and refreshing contrast. Brevity is the motto of its constant, gentle populist style, constantly taobao agent changing colors, enough to become a "you deserve to have" reason

Platinum Package: Speaking of fashion, who would ignore the famous Beckhams - Victoria Beckham (Victoria Beckam)? Each appeared in front of the camera are groomed Beckhams on luxury bag is unique research, generous closet she just how many colors and styles tao bao platinum package indeed became the "mystery of the world." Ably handsome and elegant and generous, perhaps the secret of it captured the hearts of the Beckhams!

Yang Mi summer with the money bag chain leather tote bag, Yang Mi in the hit series "midsummer nights sunny days" in the back of a bag, very soft, leather is very good, full range of children

leighton-meester which can be described as a colorful summer, yellow flounced chiffon shirt, with a lady's temperament, this year's hot fruit print skirts, orange bags, high heels and yellow dress color with a hit , will make you feel very bright and happy this summer

Fan Bingbing large shoulder bag with the money, fine dog pattern, rare so classic and stylish large capacity bag! Really too attractive!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

[5.27-6.27 PROMOCIÓN ALSOTAO] Premios gratis 80$ + 50$ + 20$ , informate ya!

[5.27-6.27 PROMOCIÓN ALSOTAO] Premios gratis 80$ + 50$ + 20$ , informate ya!

Forum Link->

Where you join the event-> click here. 


1º Ser miembro registrado del foro.
2º Ser usuario de ALSOTAO taobao agent y mostrar el usuario.
3º Dos tipos de premios, el primero 3 premios de 80$+50$+20$ y 50 cupones descuento de 3$ para ALSOTAO.
4º Los usuarios que hayan comprado ya en ALSOTAO tendrán 2 participaciones para el sorteo y para ello tendrán que aportar un video o foto de algún pedido. El sorteo se hará a través de

Reglas del juego:

Desde el 28 de Mayo hasta el 27 de Junio, el 28 de Junio se conocerán los ganadores.

1º Para los registros antiguos y que hayan hecho una compra:

- Tendrán 2 participaciones para el sorteo y para ello necesitan compartir el post de Facebook y dar a me gusta y hacer un comentario y subir aquí fotos de review de sus compras.

2º Para registros nuevos en ALSOTAO:

- Tendrán una participación para el sorteo cada usuario y necesitan compartir el post de Facebook y dar a me gusta y hacer un comentario y necesitan contestar en este post a 3 preguntas.

I) ¿qué marca de productos o que producto te gustaría comprar? -> Post 1 imagen y 1 enlace del producto a Alsotao.
II) Cual es la pregunta o duda que tienes para realizar a ALSOTAO.
III) Si te gustaría convertirte en un usuario de Alsotao a largo plazo, ¿Por qué? ¿Que destacas de ALSOTAO?


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My purchase AlsoTao (and gifts!!)

                                                    My purchase AlsoTao (and gifts!!)

Hello people!!

Some time ago I've been reading posts about shopping AlsoTao with various comments, some positive, some not so much ...
I want to share the experience of my last purchase in principle to tell then, in coming posts, past and q you perform in the future ...
My interest in this first post is to clarify some rumors that go around and tell you that my experience with the site is absolutely positive.
This time I bought some polo shirts Paul Smith and some anklets ...
The purchase was made in mid-February, shortly after the Chinese New Year. The theme of the new year, made in AlsoTao accumulate a large number of orders since about 10 days not worked in China ...

Another issue that usually arouses controversy is the quality of the products purchased.
Both in this purchase as previous I had no problems with the items purchased. What I bought is what I received.

When there was some stock item, informed me by taobao agent mail giving me the opportunity to exchange it for a similar (sometimes I suggested replacement) or to cancel, Product reintegrating the amount paid in my account to use for future purchases .. .
In this case each chomba paid U $ 3.21. The original price was U $ 4.88, but to buy three units down to the already mentioned (these prices without taking into account the shipping costs) Obviously, for the price paid was not intended that the sweaters were of extreme quality, but I'm extremely satisfied so purchased.

And one of the reasons why I wrote this post is to highlight the gifts you sent me. Inside the package in a separate bag did these gifts:

The story is this: in a contest official facebook AlsoTao (I love China products) won a meter seamstress. In a couple of posts following forgot to send it. Given my claim, and in return, they sent me not one second subway, but also added a roll of satin ribbon and a pair of earrings (think I'm female???)

For now it is all in next post will describe other purchases with more pictures and details.

And those who need to send them an invitation to sign up for AlsoTao, just let me here a PM with your email and with the greatest of tastes will ...

See you soon and I hope this post is useful ...

Monday, May 27, 2013

[AT][Arg] Campera Camisa Disano

[AT][Arg] Campera Camisa Disano


Comprado: 25/04/2013 
Enviado: 29/04/2013 
Ingresó al país: 16/05/2013 
Recibido: 23/05/2013 

Producto: Campera:US $41,26 + Camisa:US $21,42 = US $62,68 
Costo de envio: US $31,57 
Precio final: US $92,72 

Edit: Para los que preguntaban sobre las medidas y eso, les comento que para pedir el talle me guie por el siguiente cuadro que ponen en sus publicaciones de taobao agent. En mi caso es XXL, y me queda perfecto, ni un poco grande ni un poco chica. 
Por otra parte, sobre la calidad de la campera no tengo de que quejarme, si me pongo detallista por ahí diría que en el bordado de la marca quedaron unos hilitos, pero nada mas que eso. La campera es muy abrigada, son las 3:00 am y sali afuera con una remera finita y la campera y se me helaron las piernas xD pero dps tenia calor arriba pq es muy calentita . 
Y sobre la camisa, mm nada especial, tiene muy buenas terminaciones tanto afuera como adentro, es ligera y muy buena tela, no como otras que tengo que compre aca que parecen nylon xD .

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bohemian chiffon skirt

Elegant sweet bohemian skirt, you will immediately see a love it!

Carefully designed and prepared it as a highlight of 2013 did not let designers disappointed! Design elements from the concept of surface materials selection to decide, and then modify the version countless times, the final design out of this unparalleled unique skirt! The Taobao Shopping Service Web site can search.

Ultra perfect flouncing modification, suitable for any size, V-neck design, better show off your beautiful, waist elastic design, highlighting your waistline, using a strap and cross strap design can be modified to better your back and shoulders of the line, regardless of your shoulders too narrow or too wide
Comfortable, breathable fabric is very refreshing, imported silk chiffon to make your entire summer is very cool!

Want to wear clothing beautiful bohemian dress, upper body with a solid color coat, preferably in white, pink mainly, but also can be worn alone, so not only very stylish cute

Buy it in taobao agent click here

Diamond sandals

Strongly recommend a sandalsTaobao sales this year, the most popular of a sandals
In this splendid summer to one pair of shiny flat sandals, let you in this summer, charming, full gas field.
Every woman must have a shoe in a pair of beautiful sandals. A good pair of shoes from the user-friendly design, these shoes are five reasons you choose it!

1.Ultra-shiny diamond rhinestone
Imported solid diamond rhinestones, super shiny, polished and processed, color shine, will not easily fall drill!

2. Double luxury
First layer of leather uppers, stylish buckle design, protect your feet, simple but atmospheric

3. Comfortable and simple
Every woman's shoe cabinet can be no high heels, but not without a pair of stylish flat shoes, comfortable and simple, show beautiful!

4.Fashion design
Fashion buckle design, from start to finish interpretation of the classic, simple shoes increased by innovative design, breaking the traditional sense of monotony

5.Slip resistant soles
Sole use of raw rubber production, the appearance of fine, very wearable, with non-slip gear design, more comfortable to wear!

Buy it in taobao agent click here

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Rock music festival accessories

                          Rock music festival accessories

Color hair brings rock flavor

Now is taobao agent definitely the hair color chalk out again with a good time, we've also introduced the usage and effects. Pick your hair inside, and let the color of the hair appear alternately in one, so that when you shake back and forth when the hair will inadvertently revealed. Match is sunglasses, cartoon candy-colored earrings are eye-catching Oh!

Printed scarf 3

A patterned scarf, can help you hide your dirty and messy hair, but also to ensure that the hair to keep in one place. But be sure to use some small hairpin hair fixed wrap, otherwise, when you with the music, "jumped" when, wrapped in a scarf in the hair will fall down, oh. With your Fan Shuo exaggerated earrings, then a little retro flavor oh.

Beautiful fishtail braid, let your hair away from your face, your neck, and make sure you have the spirit of playful look. Blue toned geometric elements shirt plus sweater chain, very rock and roll, oh!

Madonna upper body

Want more crazy thing? It mimics the shape of a Madonna. Apply some conditioner to the hair gel and then set into a bun, forehead hair aside some, and then in the head with a black ribbon tied a big bow. Stay out of the deep forehead hair made after an exaggerated side of towering waves, 80s retro rock star is you anyway!

Whether you comb the hair up on the head plate into a loose bun, or later compiled into a messy feeling fishbone braid, we recommend compiled a pigtail as sand, like the sweet and lovely hair band. Pigtail the whole shape together, so that hair looks just like an unfinished ball head.

In this hairstyle fit enough. If you move around the top end, does not matter, because the top end is not that specification. Of course, shiny hair band will make you look more beautiful. Fortunately, you have petals / beads / ribbon-like ribbon on your bag, put it in your sleep with tao bao crushed hair, it can immediately put your hair into a flat tatami charming wave Simi pressure air.

Can match both sun hat shape, but how to prevent hair hat snatched the limelight, it was like a ray of the forehead with the same model china ebay tresses to the color bar.

Skirt + Necklace + bag

                            Skirt + Necklace + bag

Lazy ankle skirt mopping the floor, will be suitable for summer wear Oh! Verdant color is very fresh, with a solid color women's skirt necklace to match the intensity is very strong, this texture is very vertical skirt with a canvas bag is also very good, comfortable for a holiday with so complete it!

Minimalist style continues, sexy candy color package hip skirt, solid colored necklace generous need embellishment, textured outer wear comfortable with very nice breath of nature.

Dimensional flowers diamond dress sexy women's dress skirt, giving a sense of mystery, super ladies, super atmosphere. Of course, large pieces of pearl necklace and earrings items are also needed, or will do a little something temperament.

Ladies-for-money package tao bao hip Slim red lace dress, sexy retro temperament, super-feminine. Essential feminine sexy nightclub section, Friendly reminder, such a sexy nightclub loaded need escorts to protect oh

White dress very Xian Qi children, some very hard white strapless innocent very clean piercing quality Japanese goddess temperament, lovely necklace accessories are also very eye-catching, simple solid color skirt to add a great fashion elements.

Like the little feminine and very simple atmospheric port Tee Dress tailoring and design, wear another type of temperament outside take a cardigan casual suit ah ah are super positive Oh!

Fold gauze hem dress, feeling very good, and very stiff, very stylish two layers of crushed raw silk sample taobao english sizes, piles and let in, very nice

Spun jersey hair ornaments

                           Spun jersey hair ornaments

Bat sleeve chiffon shirt, let MM have both unique and lovely woman has no shortage of rational beauty of a women's shirts multi-faceted personality will be fully expressed. Systemic printing both sweet and unique, with decorative floral hair bands, immediately there is idyllic romance

Slim round neck striped dress stitching section, quiet elegance, fresh lady, enhance personal qualities, assertive your personality. With a little cherry hair accessories embellishment overall taobao charm of ladies temperament more

Chiffon bow hair bands plus lovely wind chiffon, delicate lace embroidery collar, very sweet, flowing chiffon, clothing and body folds stitching, A word body, loose and comfortable, do not pick the body.

Colored ribbon, decorated the dish up and hairstyle, has become very fashionable in the summer added a little inside cool. Clothes shoulders twilight, even more feminine, fabulous a Yiyi Oh! Overall mix is very charming and attractive.

The small woman taste fresh and feminine women's dress fully integrated, this I know that some girl has shown signs of the time, you may feel that the color of the upper body more, will be bad to manage. Compare with a wide hoop elegant, not only does well to control, contrary to wear a kind of Intrigue soft feel.

Korean version of the doll collar chiffon shirt, irregular design, wearing comfortable, breathable, beautiful personality type version, so need an asymmetrical hairstyle and hair accessories embellishment, this mix is ??more handy oh tide mix.

High quality chiffon, brought a pleasant breeze, hot summer days, full drape Yiyi swaying in the breeze, retro lace doll collar, sweet shallots in Love with unique charm. Be sure to add a taobao agent lace hair hoop, get hold of a plate made graceful, unique temperament most charming lady.

Flounced chiffon shirt super beautiful, very unique models, or cute cherry hair accessories embellishment, in all publicity youthful personality, Yiyi use chiffon delicate texture, soft light, to bring you a chinese ebay fresh feeling the breeze was blowing .

Lolita lace bracelet wristband

                       Lolita lace bracelet wristband
Summer coming soon, girl who bid farewell to the wrist in a "single era" it, regardless of bracelets or bangles, a thin section of the wear has become weightless, different materials women's wristband wristlet exaggerated overlay, gestures are attracted envious of others

European and American retro Lace
Gothic bracelets, pearl + rose flowers, flowers for the protagonist, made ??out of such a soft bracelet, retro elegance without losing individuality.
Black lace models are also very personal temptations
White lace taobao agent section is small fresh seasonal Actress
The money is very fresh and charming color oh.
Thank you all like my recommendation.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Shorty girl essential heels

Shorty girl essential heels

High heels from tao bao can be said that the girl's favorite, especially for petite girls is essential weapons. Hot the recommended new spring high heels, turned gorgeous model body!
Wear clothing tall posture and graceful curves Women’s ballet flats at the same time, let you easily match the lovely wind Oh. Sweet painfully put it down.

Show your unique beauty, smooth body of the shoe so that you Xianzu enjoy carefully wrapped.
 Elegant atmosphere make you elegant and luxurious taste is not self-evident, filled with a strong sense of personal style, absolutely stunning eye-catching.
Elegant atmosphere, easy to show a strong personal style Women’s oxfords heels, while there are stylish atmosphere of the range of children.

Put on your temperament greatly increased, emitting a delicate feminine silky, so stylish and cute you more beautiful, more attractive.
Full of fashion sense, to create the irresistible charm of style, so you put it down.
You every step full of sweet atmosphere, beautiful wild, excellent ride without losing the sense of design, is your fashion choice.
 Is definitely the focus of fashion taobao agent charm attract a huge audience Women’s heeled boots. No matter how with the atmosphere can play to the extreme, do not miss oh!
Stylish and comfortable, have a bit of elegance to easily show a strong personal style, while there are stylish atmosphere range of children.

Highlight their personality, set off the charm of your personality temperament Women’s pumps, pocketed you keep them coming back.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Elegant temptation lace bag

Elegant temptation lace bag 

Wooden handle bag is very personalized, lace crochet women's handbags decorate bagsoutside, very sweet style design Oh, big personality.

 Full the French romantic soft paragraph the Shu Nvbao of layers of chiffon lace super-suction eye, extremely sweet.

Safe lace backpack, shoulder shoulder diagonal china ebay mobile, play andshopping Oh!

Beads flashing with pink petals lace, revealing a taobao agent  breath of spring.

Classic lace bag body, bright flash drill, giving the bag fashion elements.

Rose lace and retro round buckle combined to bring out the taobao english girls sweet flavor, decorative tassels, bohemian feel.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Perfect crystal sandals Cinderella transformation

                                              Perfect crystal sandals Cinderella transformation

Legend, when Cinderella put on a pair of glass women's slipper turned into a prince princess of hearts, yes a sparkling rhinestone shoes, put on its instant kind of the princess favored feeling, summer to let fell in love with sparkling rhinestone shoes.

Dazzling diamond design more innovative, more color style, a detached secular rhinestone shoes, but also to create a so elegant Cinderella, minimalist body of the women's sandals shoe, smooth lines, brilliant candy colors, can not resist the sweet vitality.
Handmade diamond petals, very delicate, candy-colored flowers to spring and summer bring a hint of sweet gesture, develop their youthful vigor. Candy-colored diamond develop their naughty and lovely to wear to the feet seem Xian Qi fluttering, light and freedom.

Highly visual impact of sandals, shoe plum diamond taobao agent encrusted jewel-like. Fan complicated and complex colored diamonds, greatly enhance the perfect luxury shoes, chain set with dazzling rhinestones, toes to maximize the stretch release your toes in this summer embellishment beautiful.
Smart spray lightly on your foot, the wave junction coupled with capsules diamond, more three-dimensional sense, each wave has a bright diamond, perfect heel, high-heeled significant legs are long.
Double dragonfly shape beautifully handmade ornaments, like a loving couple, full of atmosphere of the cozy joy and love the double hand diamond dragonfly with butterfly shape embellishment, constitute a picture full of vigor and vitality.

Rose handmade diamond shape, with chrome pearl taobao english and precious stones, coupled with decorative foliage, red flowers lining the beauty of green leaves, stunning plating diamond the diamond plating process with original, elegant and gorgeous.
Handmade ornaments suddenly enhanced momentum, with a star-like qualities, brilliant candy-colored, shiny diamond, metallic flowers, a collection of many romantic element is a worth having sexy sandals.

Romantic lady handbags

                                                             Romantic lady handbags

Korean ladies temperament female bag, flip Hollow flowers banquet, perfect lines embodies it simple and beautiful, lovely floating flower design, very intellectual and sweet, and the role, and the role of "woman" to play some small sexy mix Women’s leather tote bag

Carry a jumping jelly bag, coated with a shiny lipstick, step on a pair of sparkling pink Women’s satchel bag pearl sandals, dress girl, as if the breath of fresh air blown into the hot summer.

The smiley pack classic and practical Oh taobao agent! People in today's hectic city life for a long time, more love this design with a bit of sense of humor.

Blue fantasy, taobao english Shen main color is sky blue with navy blue on both sides, as freely above the endless sea sailing above pattern Ao Air bags are small chunks of our hand-sewn in the package put together and then package above, the very personality, the colors are very fresh, summer brings a refreshing coolness...

3 prom elegant lady hair style made

                                                   3 prom elegant lady hair style made

Reveal elegant lady charm, want to know how to do? See the following hairstyle DIY!
An elegant lady

First will carve bangs side grabbed enough, you only need a small strand of Oh!
The bangs grabbed perimeter and black clip clamp, as shown in Figure!
The other side also. Then, from the hair side clamping just rolled up and then pull a small twist hair, round and round to the back and clamping clip from bottom to top folders easily fixed Oh!
Behind like this clamping, the red arrow taobao agent is the direction of the black hairpin folder so it will not see the little tail of the black card yo!
Second, the elegant plate made of hair
Is not very elegant atmosphere of a party plate made of hair? Follow the following steps to learn it!
1, the hair is divided into two parts, 1/3!
2, the first to the top of the hair fixed.
3, then the bottom of the hair as like rolled up, rolled up like this, and then use the U-shaped clip plus black hair clip to hold the rotating manner.
4, and then the top of the hair down to cover the hair just below the bottom of the hair this time has since become a magic weapon for beating so that the back of the head!
5, and finally down at the top of the end of the hair taobao english to hide with black hair clips.