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2013-2014 La Liga soccer match

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2013-2014 Barcelona team away jersey
total price $ 19.43 usd dollars

2013-2014 Villarreal team jersey
total price $ 34.33 usd dollars

2013-2014 Spaniards team jersey
total price $ 143.43 usd dollars

2013-2014 Athletic Bilbao team jersey
total price $ 17.23 usd dollars

2013-2014 Getafe team jersey
total price $ 155.03 usd dollars

2013-2014 Real Sociedad team jersey
total price $ 161.43 usd dollars

2013-2014 Atletico Madrid team jersey
total price $ 26.93 usd dollars

2013-2014 Sevilla team jersey
total price $ 131.10 usd dollars

2013-2014 Sevilla team jersey
total price $ 121.43 usd dollars

2013-2014 Real Betis team jersey
total price $ 165.43 usd dollars

2013-2014 Real Madrid team jersey
total price $ 17.63 usd dollars

2013-2014 Malaga team jersey
total price $ 26.33 usd dollars

2013-2014 Valencia team jersey
total price $ 18.83 usd dollars

Soccer stockings
total price $ 17.00 usd dollars

Soccer stockings
total price $ 17.00 usd dollars

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2013-2014 Boca Juniors Jersey

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total price $ 23.13 usd dollars
total price $ 23.13 usd dollars

2013-2014 La Liga BBVA Schedule

Here placing the full list of Spanish La Liga schedule 2013-2014 here on the day it is announced the who 38 weeks match dates and schedule will be available here, while you can browes through La Liga jersey category in our website or or

La Liga Fixtures Announced Today:
Important Matches:
1. Barcelona vs Real Madrid (Nou Camp)
(26/27 October 2013)
2. Real Madrid vs Barcelona (santiago Bernabue)
(22 March / 23 March 2014)

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About Shipping cost at

Ask: "i just check the shipping cost on your site taobao agent, it seems a little expensive ? "

Answer: "We are taobao agent, so our weight is estimated; we will recalculate the final weight when the item arrives in our warehouse. 
We will email our customers to add the freight difference if the weight is heavier; 
and will return the difference after shipping when the final weight is lighter.
This is the limitation of our operation mode, hope you can give us some understanding and support for this."

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Sobre el coste de envío a

cliente pregunte: "Acabo de comprobar el precio de envío en su sitio, me parece un poco caro?"

alsotao respondió "Nosotros somos agente del taobao, por lo que nuestro peso se estima, se volverá a calcular el peso final que llega el artículo en nuestro almacén.
Le enviaremos a nuestros clientes para añadir la diferencia de carga si el peso es más pesado;
y devolverá la diferencia después de envío cuando el peso final es más ligero.
Esta es la limitación de nuestro modo de funcionamiento, espere que usted pueda dar un poco de comprensión y apoyo para esto. "

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What is ?

Alsotao Ebay es un intermediario chino llamado agente de Taobao. En este mercado en línea sólo se puede comprar a la gente que viven en nuestro país.

Por esta razón somos intermediarios. Nos nexo entre el vendedor y encargandonos envío de China a su casa.

La forma más común de pago es con tarjeta de crédito, Paypal y Western Union....

Retraso envíos unos 30 días hábiles para llegar a destino desde el día en que se envía.
Usted puede enviar cualquier parte del mundo.

Los precios de nuestra tienda son en dólares estadounidenses.

Para registrarse en nuestra tienda, así que usted puede comprar a precios muy bajos, usted debe enviar su casilla de correo electrónico para enviar una solicitud de registro.

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Taobao agent Manual how to buy

Alsotao China is a website that allows buy all kinds of top brand products: shoes, textiles, bags, shoes, electronics.
It consists of a direct intermediary between different outlets located all across the Asian giant ¨ ¨ and millions of consumers from all par ...

Holaa Alsotaoo Community! Remember to put "Like" and spend your email address so we can send the invitation and to start to do your shopping!
And please when they shop, VERY IMPORTANT, do not forget to share with the rest of the community! Graciasss!

First Step: Register from the INVITE we sent! Otherwise it'll not be able to do

Second Step: choose the product you want to buy, if choose clothing color and detail

Third Step: confirm purchase

Fourth Step: choose shipping mode

Fifth Step: put the address where you want me to get the purchase

Sixth Step: pmt1 mode you choose option: credit card payment option if using paypal2: Creating a card payment option an account at PayPal 3: payment with paypal if you already have an account

Payment Methods:
1.       paypal
2.       alipay
3.       money gram
4.       western union
5.       bank transfer
6.       credit cards
About Shipment:
We offer C2C shopping service and international shipping from china.
EMS: we recommend EMS, this price quality is very high,
Airmail Parcel(hongkong/singapore/china post registered mail): this delivery type can send products to some countries which EMS cannot arrive, and the costics lower than EMS.
DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX: these delivery ways are very fast (3-4 days) and service quality is very good, it is suit for the heavy products.
Contact Us:
Skype: mmoxxg88
Phone:+1 (315)6008992

How to Search at taobao agent

We implement membership system, welcome to contact us or your friends to send you an invitation and complete register steps. 
Do you like New Design of Alsotao ? For any questions please contact us and send us your feedback, we will improve ourselves according to your valuable opinion. 
enlightened1. Searching by key words.
For example,
Step type "li ning shoes", then enter it,
Step choose related category, for example: here we click 'running shoes'
Step 3. choose the property value:
Step 4. Then it shows the result below:
enlightened2. Searching by a  c2c product link :
The other posibilty is introducing the chinese c2c platform product link into Alsotao Searcher.
This method is the most simple. You only have to paste the Taobao link into the search box and Alsotao system will translate all the product information. 
For example, 
Automatically, Alsotao system will translate texts to English and price to American dollars.
enlightened3. Searching by Categories:

Next to the search box there is a title with the text of “Browse Departments”. Doing a mouseover on it, it will appear all the categories (picture number two). There you can choose the category of the searching product.
enlightened4. Searching by Popularity/Seller Credit/Price Low/New Arrivals.
Popularity: Popular results will appear first.
Volume: High purchased results quantity will appear first.
Seller Credit:  High seller reputation results will appear first.
Price Low: Lower price results reputation will appear first.
Price High: High price results will appear first.
Delist Time: Antique results will appear first.
New Arrivals: New Arrivals results will appear first. 

Searching by unit price range/seller credit/buyer transaction history:

* Proper Price Range
What should be noticed in choose items?
Follow the middle principle to choose items.
Choose the sellers in the middle sell scores is best. (Normally his avatar around will have 2-4 blue diamonds). too high scores sellers may delay in domestic shipping. 
Choose the items pricing in the middle, too much cheap things maybe a junk, bad quality or just a fake auction. 
The best weight for a single package is about 1-2 kg. You need to estimate a gross weight while shopping.
Here is an Items’ gross list If you want to do bulk purchase, and get ready to provide more than one shipping addresses.
  • usual weight for 1 T-shirt: 150g-200g.
  • usual weight for 1 pair of sports shoes with box: 1000g-1500g.
  • usual weight for 1 jeans: 500g-1000g.
  • usual weight for 1 watch with box: 200g-500g.
  • usual weight for 1 jacket: 500g-1000g.
  • usual weight for 1 underwear: 100g-150g.