Monday, March 17, 2014

In the history of Mar. 8th--Alsotao posted

  Rick - Barry-jersey No. 24 retired from Golden State Warriors.--3/18/1988

 Wilt Chamberlain, No. 13 jersey retired from Philadelphia 76ers.and he become the first one retired from Laker 76ers and Warriors. --3/18/1991

Bulls beat the Philadelphia 76ers by 98-94,especially Jordan scored 38 points, becoming the 10th player to overall score 24,000 points.3/18/1996

Reggie - Miller became the first one who shot NBA three-point over 2000 players.3/18/2001

Jerry - Sloan coached the Jazz to usher in the 1000 race, becoming the first one NBA history who coached over 1000 field coach one team. Before 5 people is Red Auerbach, Reed - Holzman, Jean - Xu, John - Macleod, Alberta - Art Wales.3/18/2001

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