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Using food deposited mask

Using food deposited mask

[Lead] food Mask environmental natural, and drawn around like DIY mask skin care girl can try.

1 egg white into white bubbly attaining Lift wrinkle and remove dirt function.
2, crushed tomatoes, used as the tao bao mask, eliminate spots, making skin white.
3, the amount of honey and a little water attaining, can skin wrinkles.
4, a small cup of milk cases into Shengyou Xing Ren powder bowl, add half a teaspoon of honey, stir well, and deposited on the surface, to be 10 minutes and wash, can make the skin tender.
5, yogurt, butter cream and mix thoroughly Fumian convergence skin refreshing and moisturizing skin.
6 strawberries crushed with the mask. Can eliminate dark spots, making skin whitening.

Snow boots fashion popular

Snow boots fashion popular

[Lead] snow boots fashion warm as the winter a single product, the beauty of the girls absolutely can not easily miss it! Xiaobian you keep up with fashion trend, collecting the season's latest fashion snow boots, I believe you like Oh!

Rhinestone gem peacock feathers, taobao sequins boots
      Large pieces of hand-inlaid rhinestones super shine, coupled with stylish comfortable flat shoes, super trendy Oh! Every winter to come into the classic style, with a completely wild · ~

Rivets Rhinestone Rabbit Fur snow boots     Winter Trendy suede warm Martin boots, rivets, rhinestones brick decorated real rabbit fur snow boots, stylish wine red very Western style Oh, and Liu nail rhinestone decoration taobao agent snow boots very different.
Diamond Sheepskin Boots
      High quality fur snow boots, very beautiful crown rhinestones. Absolutely influx of people the choice of fashion items. With a tight-fitting denim pants feet, a pair of warm boots promotion Fashionable
Sequins combination of snow boots
     Bling sequins awesome combination plus velvet snow boots, really recommended a super practical super boots Oh, do not like the snow boots, like warm and comfortable Jiaogan of women's boots.

Elegant extravagance Dress

Elegant extravagance Dress

[Lead] the end of the year, various annual meeting, party Ruqierzhi rush lying in the hot season, the innate love to dress up the girls must dress in full swing to prepare for their banquet in it! Xiaobian particularly recommended for you several suitable to participate in a variety of elegant banquet party dress, like you like.

The fluorescence Slim round neck zipper two-color dress
Color and tender, taobao thick woolen fabric, but in no way a little rigid and stiff feeling good display, color white, good was thin na very special little fluorescent small particles, stunning a oh can not say.

The two-color spell color round neck lace dress
Lively, youthful and distribute the full sense of youthful vitality and easily with the influx of popular texture, the embodiment of elegance Petty female image, super lady Oh, very elegant feeling, is really very good it looked like clothes, there is a woman taste oh.

Color circle wool zipper with leather gloves dress
The round neck the circle hair feels very texture Oh, leather gloves really a perfect match, this set of ladies wind full dress, definitely should not be absent from the New Year party Oh, ultra-charming, very small woman charming sexy atmosphere, at filling the well, and allows you to enjoy high-quality beautiful women's dress.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Shirt-control" has a printing of summer

"Shirt-control" has a printing of summer
"The shirts are popular in recent years, OL mature female charm, everything fashion, fascinating, printing, shirt, very beautiful Oh, will bring you a unique summer! "


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Jan 29-Jan 31 Share to win

[Jan 29-Jan 31 Share to win]
We will pick up 3 random participants to win,
First prize--> a pair of sunglasses as his free gift and $6 coupon
Second prize--> an earring as his free gift and $5 coupon
Third prize--> a baseball cap as his free gift and $4 coupon
What you need to share?
1) my favourite fashion star (no matter in the movie or soccer, anyone is ok!)
2) my favourite taobao seller link + my favourite free gift link below $3
3) take photos of 1 product you receive from alsotao
4) my favourite taobao product link
5) any questions or doubts you want to ask alsotao(i will answer you later)

The most active fan to win free gift

The most active fan to win free gift

1)On Jan 31st we will publish this week the most active 1 female fan and the most active 1 male fan to win picture's free gifts together with his order (see who leaves the comment the best and often appear in our FB page^ ^ )
2)For whom win his free gifts in previous event, pls contact us to get your gifts ^ ^

Gift only for Alipay users ^ ^

Gift only for Alipay users ^ ^

on Jan,27-Jan,30, if you pay by alipay payment method, ONLY leave your order number here so that we can know and send you free gift or coupon together with your order ^^

What is Alipay

What is Alipay?
*AliPay is an escrow service that helps protect your payments when buying and selling on AliPay allows you to track your order and payment is only released to the supplier after you confirm delivery. Pay securely with your 
credit card without exposing your details. 

Alipay offers a real-time payment solution for international payment. When a buyer pays in Renminbi for a purchase from an international e-commerce website, Alipay will withdraw the payment from the buyer's account in real-time, use the funds to purchase foreign currency, and will then remit the sum to the international merchant's account in settlement.

* AliPay is a leading third-party online payment platform from the Alibaba Group, providing easy, safe and secure transactions for millions of users every day.

Why use AliPay? 
* Safe Transactions
Payment is held by and only released to the supplier after you confirm delivery 

* Secure Technology
VeriSign encryption technology is used to protect your payment details online 

* Privacy Guaranteed
Your credit card and account details are never exposed to buyers or taobao suppliers

* VeriSign SSL
VeriSign SSL encryption protects and hides your details without slowing your transactions

* Anti-Fraud System
Our Anti-fraud system recognizes and blocks potentially fraudulent buyers and suppliers

* Anti-Virus Protection
Full protection from spyware, viruses and Trojans from our powerful anti-virus system 

How does AliPay work for Buyers ?
Pay securely with your credit card without exposing your details. We only release payment to the supplier after you confirm delivery of your order. When paying online, your details are protected by VeriSign SSL encryption (the highest level of protection commercially available).

Here will teach you how to register at taobao directly and how to open an alipay account easily and 

[Question] Can i use Alipay to pay for my order?
[Answer] Currently, can accept alipay, paypal, western union,wire transfer, credit card, moneygram payment method. alipay is sub-company of alibaba group. it needs china banks for opening alipay account. alipay is very good for payment. when you receive your items, you can confirm with alipay team and let alipay team to allow money transfered to seller's alipay account.

Which currencies are supported by Alipay's international business?
12 Major Currencies Supported: GBP, HKD, USD, CHF, SGD, Skr, Nkr, Dkr, JPY, CAD, AUD and Euros.

you only get a number from China banks, and this account will be opened in the internet bank, and then you can open it, if you can get chinese, it will better to use it.

Show your love to get free gifts ^ ^

Show your love+more than 50 pcs free gifts ^^

[Dont be shy!Express your love to get your free gift on Jan,27-Jan,31]
Event rules:
1)Say i love xxx(his/her name)->Paste your order number->the free gift you choose, it is ok! For example: "i love david->A0306029334->i choose summer eye's mask"
2)Most of gifts only 1 piece in stock now, if person A choose it earlier than person B, Then B can not choose it again; but some gifts have more than 2 pcs in stock, as a result, person A can choose it, then person B can choose it as well.
3)Each order number can only choose 1 free gift.
4)Event is valid from Jan 27th to Jan 31st.
5)If you pick up some heavy gifts like clothes or digital products, we are afraid you may need to pay for the extra freight, Hope you can understand.

What is the benefit of each payment method at smalltao?

What is the benefit of each payment method at smalltao?

What is the benefit of each payment method at smalltao?

It offers 2% discount each payment everytime, and AliPay allows you to buy tao bao watches and track your order and payment is only released to the supplier after you confirm delivery. Pay securely with your credit card without exposing your details. 

2)Paypal and credit cards
With PayPal(Must be a verified PayPal account), you can send payment quickly and securely online. 
Through PayPal, you can pay with credit card, debit card, or bank account balance. Once your order is submitted, you will be redirected to PayPal's site where you could make the payment.

3)Western Union
It offers 5% discount each payment everytime, and allow you to buy taobao watches if you need goods urgently or for sample order, we suggest you pay by western union, we can get your payment within 24 hours after you made the payment.

4)Bank transfer/Wire transfer
We will not ship your products out until we received the full payment, welcome to contact us if you have completed payment via bank transfer and send us bank receipt bank copy with your order number, after you paid so that we can prepare your products as soon as possible

The home Crystal Light purchasing skills

The home Crystal Light purchasing skills

[Lead] Crystal Light is able to shine a dazzling crystal light, revealing a gorgeous noble temperament, all rely on a whole body of strings of crystal pendants, should the layers pendant size of different shape, that is bound to affect the crystal lampsoverall beauty of the show.

Crystal Light because of its room presented elegant and stylish atmosphere, loved by many consumers and purchase. . The development of optical fiber and diode technology, crystal lamps become more Mini, lightweight, more suited to the modern style home decoration. The progress and development of these technologies, making Crystal Light is still on the market occupies a very important position, and is still favored by consumers. Select Crystal Light, the reporter reminded consumers to pay attention to the following aspects. 

Crystal Light Optional Skills 
Space distinction 
Buy crystal lamps, must pay attention to choose according to the size of the space and the shape of the lamp. Insiders pointed out that, according to space requirements, Crystal Light To select a diameter of about 1 m -30 square meters, 20 square meters of living room.Depending on the family room focus the select: many complex room family mainly to the use of the living room, so the main choice of the atmosphere, the beautiful ceiling light and hanging-Crystal Light. 
Different brands of crystal lamps are similar in appearance. It is noteworthy that some unscrupulous manufacturers only superficial quality tao bao  lamp beads in the larger crystal lamps peripheral or at installation, lighting inner or hidden at shoddy. So that from the appearance point of view, they are very similar, with some brand-name lighting the same appearance, people usually choose the lower-priced.As everyone knows, those commodities Apparel makes the man.Some brand-name Crystal Light manufacturing businesses in order to ensure its quality and allow consumers to buy a real brand and must be assured, with the brand logo will be engraved on a crystal finishes, so if you buy a brand name, as long as the purchase carefully to identifybrand logo on it. 

Pay attention to the different grades of color whether lasting the crystal lamp life is also different. Need to look at its colorful effect when consumers buy crystal light, then take a look at the gold layer, generally high-end metal parts, mostly 24K gold plating, this gilded years will not change color, it will not rust, low-end to reach this effect, the two or three months will lose its original color. Low-grade crystal lamps over a period of time, the color will be dark, brackets appear rust, high-end two or three years or even longer will not change color. 

Crystal ball 
Bright flashes, the crystal ball is key Crystal Light is flashing bright, purity and the cutting surface, and the lead content of the crystal ball.Thus the consumer at the time of purchase is necessary to look at the crystal ball, there are no cracks, bubbles, ripples of water and impurities, the only Bach crystal ball can play light. 
Crystal ball lighting 
Best optical performance through light refraction taobao agent magnificent color; cutting surface of the crystal ball to look at whether it is smooth, whether distinct edges and corners, to achieve the best crystal ball so that the effect of refraction; From the lead content speaking, the generally high quality of the crystal ball will be designed for full-lead crystal, lead oxide content of not less than 30%, this is one of the purest raw materials, bright colors can be issued. 

The pendants specifications with stress 
Crystal pendant lamp specifications unified stake. Crystal Light is able to shine a dazzling light show gorgeous noble temperament, all rely on a whole body of strings of crystal pendants should layers pendant size of different shape, that is bound to affect the overall beauty of Crystal Light show. Some imitation crystal chandelier pendant hole if not standard, or there are sharp edges, wear, sizes, etc., not only affects the appearance, also easy to crack, if the crystal chandelier pendants falling from the ceiling, the family will security threat. 
Crisp degree of transparency and unambiguous 
Crystal Light on the market are generally from thousands. The origin and purity of the crystal caused by the spread of the main factors, the crystal is actually a kind of glass, is a purified product, different from the level of the price of their lead content. So, when you purchase Crystal Light, we must carefully through crisp and transparency of the crystal, to identify good quality crystal. 

Personalized retro women's bag

Personalized retro women's bag

【Lead】 regardless bag in which a woman with a single product essential girls in front of the various styles of bags would you like which one it together the following paragraphs, Which mostheart.

Fashion casual shoulder bag, bow decorative lace bag mouth, large capacity design is very wild, classic checkered design coupled with decorative edging elements show a neutral fashion sense.
College Wind hedgehog shoulder bag, the trend of street fashion personality tao bao package shall, throughout the Baoshen is full of fun, black and red ride will never go wrong, this bag leisure and hippie style followers Oh.
Metal buttons the decorative small square package, unlimited visual beauty, convenient and practical Xiekua design, small styles add personalized fashion with a hint of playful taste, minimalist silhouette, wild multi-faceted.

How to match with your scarf

How to match with your scarf

[Lead] dry cold wind blows hit and MM are sweater coat, put on the body. Beautiful face were full exposure to the cold. The scarf is easy to use a single product accessories best taobao highlights temperament.

       1 formed a tie-style, full of youthful spirit.
       2 Tied bow tie style, quite demeanor.
       3, tied in a big bow, innocent and childlike taobao agent.
       4, forming a semi-the only butterfly Lo knot, is also very chic.
       5, the group as a summary, including poured handsome.
       6, long, wide scarf draped over her shoulders, dignified and generous.
       7, four scarf folded into a triangle draped on her shoulders, pinned with brooches, very elegant and beautiful.
       8, scarves, together with the crystal trinkets and shiny.

How to identify the quality of clothing

How to identify the quality of clothing

[Lead] Today, clothing and more mechanized production, batch production, will inevitably buy the end of a single shipment, without the problem of how to identify buy quality women's clothes?

Proportioned length around the clothes
1, put the clothes on the body, hold in a button-mirror observation clothing pieces around the body maintain a natural state, if it is parallel to each other on both sides of the placket and overlapping, the clothes fit; exclusion cap or long ago, after a short problems, compared with after armhole too deep; appear to cover up or hem short in front long is too deep before the armhole.

Both sides of the province seam symmetric
2.Fit shirt open hole piece longer than Dingkou piece 0.165 cm (1.65 mm), and the front chest should be full, smoother. The Ladie chest was cone-shaped, Men's Wear spherical tao bao crown-shaped chest. At the same time, both sides of the province seam to be symmetrical, straight, Province tip smoother.
Neckline symmetric

3, look at the clothes collar symmetry. Collar size and shape to be the same, leading to crisp and slightly inside volume, Collar moderate.

Cuff symmetry
4, put on his clothes, the arm was a natural bent taobao agent cuffs not get stuck around the wrists, sleeves and lower part should be in the pocket between the midline and pendulum seam. If one after shifted, then a problem with the installed sleeve.

Pocket upright docile
5, pay attention to see if the pocket, hand pockets are symmetrical, Founder, whether smooth back, back and forth whether Yutie, crisp.

To create the most beautiful yourself

To create the most beautiful yourself

[Lead ] bottoming wool sweaters can best demonstrate feminine, despite the fashion how changes sweater is still a lot of female hearts love women's sweater MM's heart love it, both of those are essential in winter Dress up magic, oh,indispensable.

Winter wardrobe person has a few pieces of sweaters, but which one is your favorite wild a variety of styles that one must be your first choice, lace vest, leather collar solid color sweaterclassic interpretation of this winter's fashion attitude!
Simple, Slim sweater design elements into the fashion, comfortable fabric surface with elastic, after wearing the more significant of thin shoulders lace crochet, unique design, the classic taobao wild super elastic Oh.

Like her attitude she has ^ ^

Like her attitude she has ^ ^

As one half of possibly the world's most famous celebrity couple, it's hard not to assume that Victoria Beckham's success as a fashion designer was somehow fast-tracked. Surely all that money and all those industry friends played a part? Apparently not. According to the woman herself, it was all down to her work ethic, and certainly not her bulging address book."I don't have to work, I need to work," she tells the March issue of Elle UK . "All these people [fellow fashion designers], they've not just been given anything. They've worked hard. And I've never been given anything either. But I have a good work ethic; David has an incredible work ethic. I want my kids to have a good work ethic. I believe you can achieve anything if you work hard enough to get it."
But although the former Spice Girl's eponymous label is quickly becoming a super-brand, Beckham says she still finds it hard to delegate, explaining that her want to "micro-manage absolutely everything" can cause issues.

"I can't hand over. But I'm trying to do that more. It's hard because I have such a specific vision," she says.
It's this dedication which has reportedly prompted the Beckham clan to leave Los Angeles , where they've lived for the past few years, and return to Britain - so that Victoria can be closer to her brand's headquarters in Battersea, south west London. It's the start of a "new chapter" for the world-famous family, and they're "all very excited about what lies ahead for 2013," says Beckham, suggesting more Romeo-for-Burberry style surprises are in the pipeline.
READ: Romeo Beckham models for Burberry
In the fashion industry the 38-year-old says she's finally found a place where she feels she belongs. "When I was on stage with the Spice Girls, I thought people were there to see the other four and not me," she says of her time in the world-conquering girl group. Similarly, hanging off David's arm as his ever-faithful WAG didn't, and apparently still doesn't, sit comfortably with her: "When I go out with David and people take pictures I think, 'They're here to take David's picture.'"
While we're not entirely convinced by that one (there's a headline-grabbing outfit history that definitely suggests otherwise), it looks like she really has found her path.
The full interview appears in the March issue of Elle UK, on sale Wednesday, January 30.

What made you decide to design clothes?
It's just always been something that I've wanted to do. It's my passion. I love women's bodies. I love luxury. I've waited a long time to do this, and I didn't want to do it until I could do it properly.

Do you design for a particular body type or with a particular woman in mind?
Everything that I design I would wear myself. I get a lot of inspiration from the '40s and '50s, so corsetry plays a huge role in the collection. It can help give an illusion of shape by using a bigger shoulder pad, and having a corset gives the illusion of having a tiny waist. But there are dresses that will cater to a lot of different shapes and sizes.

You did a tour recently with the spice girls. would you ever return to music?
No. I'm very respectful of the Spice Girls. What we did was fantastic. Actually, I'm seeing all the girls tomorrow night, which I'm excited about. But fashion is my passion; music isn't anymore. Everything I do revolves around my husband and my children. So I just wouldn't have the time, but on top of all of that, people change, and I've changed a lot, and it's just not where my heart is at anymore.

You seem to wear only high heels. would you ever design a line of shoes?
I would love to. Shoes and handbags, like most women, are something I have a little bit of an obsession with.

Your personal style has evolved a lot since your early days in the media with the spice girls. how do you feel when you look back at pictures of yourself?
People always say, "Do you cringe?" And I say, "Not at all." —Everybody changes. I love fashion, and I love changing my style, my hair, my makeup, and everything I've done in the past has made me what I am now. Not everyone is going to like what I do, but I look back at everything, and it makes me smile.

How do you feel when you look at those armani underwear photos that just came out?
I love those pictures. I worked very hard. I worked out for about four or five months previous to the shoot because I knew I'd be standing there in my knickers and a bra. So when I'm 50, I can look back and say, "Hey, Mommy didn't look too bad after having three kids."

You always seem unfazed by the paparazzi, and they're trailing you all the time. how do you maintain that sense of calm with all these people taking pictures of you?
It is what it is, and I don't like to get too stressed. I like to consider myself a relatively spiritual person, and I just do my thing. I'm very focused on what I do professionally, and I'm very focused on my family, and I don't really get too stressed out about what people say or what other people think. In fact, it's not on my radar at all. If there's anything negative, I don't want to know about it. I just do my own thing and get on with my life. We've got many more important things to think about — such as if something is happening with the children's school or have I paid for the swimming lessons?

Who is your favorite designer?
Antonio Berardi is one of my good friends. I've known him for 10 years, and he made one of my wedding dresses. We had lunch this afternoon, and he took me to the showroom, and his precollection is absolutely amazing. So I'm a big fan of his at the moment.

Who are other people you admire in other fields?
You know myself and David, we both love art. We have a lot of respect for Damien Hirst and Julian Schnabel, and we've met them both, and they're very interesting characters. I also have a lot of respect for the working women out there. As you know, it's not easy when you're looking after children and you have a career as well.

In this rough economic climate, what kind of steps are you taking to cut back?
Everyone is cutting back in lots of different areas, and we are too. I wouldn't want to go into detail, because obviously that's personal, but I think it is something that is affecting absolutely everybody.